Hurricane Gustav Expected to be Major-Emergency TX and LA license links / Claim Statistics for TS Fay/Eduardo/Dolly


What a surprise to wake up today to find that Gustav reached hurricane strength so quickly and also to hear the current news with predictions it will make US landfall as anywhere from a Category 3 to a Category 5 strength hurricane.

My favorite weather reports over at Ralph’s Tropical weather show not only Hurricane Gustav now at 90 MPH but other areas with potential for development:

Here is also the latest 11am stormtrack report over at Ralph’s:

The 2pm NOAA hurricane tracking map looks dead on for LA again (unreal with the 3 year anniversary of Katrina this week):

Here are important links on Adjuster licensing for TX and LA. It’s important to remember that LA has added adjuster licensing post Katrina so the rules have changed since the last major storm in LA:

TX emergency adjuster license info:

TX Resident and Non Resident adjuster license link:

LA emergency adjuster licensing info as well as resident and non resident info is very difficult to find. The new law was effective January of 2007. Here is a link to the info we found last year on their website:

(Make sure to read all such as Claims Adjuster License Act,etc):

Worley adjusting firm actually has the LA Adjusters study guide link up on their site:

**Update Wednesday 8/27- See comments at end of this blog for addition of MS emergency adjuster and non resident/resident license info and applications

You might want to keep this LA Road closure and evacuation route info handy if traveling into the area next week:


Many of you are following or searching for claim statistics from TS Fay. Thus far, the majority of reports are showing statistics anywhere between 9,000 and 11,000 claims from the top 5 carriers depending on which report you read. Here are numerous links to update you by carrier:

Here are more stories of St John’s River flooding HO claims:,0,6799981.story

Another interesting story on flooding hitting non covered HO’s hard:

This report alleges 11,000 claims vs the 9,200 in other reports above from top 4 carriers:


In other interesting 2008 Hurricane Season updates, you’ll want to take a minute to read this update on the status of the Texas Windpool (TWIA )funds available post Hurricane Dolly and Eduardo:

Updates 9/2/08: Damage Stats and Temp Housing Links in Gustav damage zones:

3 Responses to Hurricane Gustav Expected to be Major-Emergency TX and LA license links / Claim Statistics for TS Fay/Eduardo/Dolly

  1. Dimechimes says:

    Since this morning’s reports show a possible landfall near the MS / LA border, I’m adding te MS licensing links and emergency adjuster information:

    See Reg 2007-4 on Public Adjuster licenses (regular and emergency) in MS:

    See Reg 2006-2- Insurers required to notify insureds of Flood exclusions when writing new policies or issuing renewals:

    MS non resident license info in FAQ #20:

    What does a non-resident adjuster need to obtain a license in Mississippi?
    They need to submit an adjuster’s application (found at “Agent forms and renewals”) and a $50 license fee or apply on-line at “For Producers/Agents” and “Apply for a License”. The MID staff will verify home state licensure on the NAIC Producer Database (SPLD). The applicant must have passed an examination in their home state, another state or in Mississippi to receive the license.

    MS Emergency Adjuster license instructions:

    (use following link and scroll down to all of the Adjuster info with links for resident, non resident and the following emergency adjuster info and application forms)



    1.) The emergency independent adjuster application must be completed in its entirety (all questions answered, signed and dated). This form shall be used to obtain a resident or non-resident emergency independent adjuster license.

    2.) Privilege tax payments (license fees): $50.00 (resident and non-resident). This license is not eligible for renewal and will expire no more than 180 days from issuance.

    3.) Applicants must be certified by a Mississippi licensed independent adjuster.

    4.) These licenses will only be issued in the event of a catastrophe or emergency which arises out of a disaster, Act of God, riot, civil commotion, conflagration or other similar occurrence. Upon the occurrence of such an event, the Commissioner may accept applications for emergency independent adjuster licenses.

  2. Dimechimes says:

    Here’s today’s 5am report:

    The 5 am weather underground report (weather tab link on ClaimSmentor) is showing Gustav back to TS status at 59mph. Fox news is still showing they think it will make landfall at 120 MPH or greater next week and the track is showing close to the LA/MS line. I”ll add info on MS emergency licenses as well to this and the blog. Here is the 5am report and tracking map:

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