MS AG Hood and State Farm reach agreement on Katrina disputes Wednesday 8/6



MS AG Jim Hood and State Farm apparently reached an agreement on Katrina insurance claim disputes on the wind vs water claim settlement issues. We’ve gone around the net for a wide view of opinions on this news and here are some very different perspectives on who is the victor if there is one in this lengthy battle:

First we have the Sun Herald News from Biloxi, MS who includes a response from State Farm regarding comments made by AG Jim Hood on the settlement you can view here:

Legalnewsline discusses State Farm’s reaction about “perplexing comments” made by AG Hood:

For a truly different perspective see comments from the anti insurance side of things- look at what the SLABBED web blog is saying on this :

and a second SLABBED blog post today:

Directly from State Farm’s Hurricane Response web page is this:

Here is another detailed story from the National Underwriter’s Property and Casualty news providing additional background and information on this “settlement”:

Saving the very best for last, you won’t want to miss Attorney David Rossmiller’s detailed and often humorous look back at Hood’s deposition testimony and other detailed history on these cases with Hood:

Here are links to 3 prior blogs we have posted on this subject :

 **Update-here is the pdf of the agreement posted by the Sun Herald:

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