August 2008- Career Coaching Updates and August Online Claim Class Updates



We had previously blogged about our Career Coaching Services for individual one on one sessions for claims career consultation services here:

We are receiving many many emails that basically say “help me” from folks who do not know where to get started in the claims business and from those who have obtained licenses but don’t know where to turn next.

If you are interested in information for new adjusters in a group setting, we offer our services at no charge on ClaimSmentor which is an online mentoring site for new adjusters through forums where we provide information about upcoming adjusting firm and vendor training seminars for CE credits and for Carrier Certifications and other valuable training offered in the Claims Industry. You can find contact and website information for all of our Claim Industry websites on the About page here on our blog.

Website search and information in group settings isn’t for everyone and many prefer one on one information specific to their background for a quicker jump start into their claims careers. If this is your preference, you can order our Career Coaching Services to assist you with goal setting, resume development, mock interviews to prepare for upcoming claim interviews, and much more training available on an individual basis through our Career Coaching services. Here is a link:

We have also updated our online claim training options for new Adjusters for August on ClaimSmentor for the following August Classes:

40 Hour Fundamentals of Claims Class for Property Adjusters-Starts 8/11/08

Condo Loss Adjusting Class for Condo Unitowners and Condo Master Policies- begins next week- 2 night online Live Class with pre-class self study material

Contents Loss Adjusting Class- 1 night class- online Live- begins next week

Additional Living Expense (ALE) 2 night training class-August 2008

To learn more about these classes, you can view complete details once we get you registered on ClaimSmentor in our Training Roots and Wings Forum.

We also offer self study guides for those needing training but no time for classes due to other obligations. This material can be ordered through our Training link at our staffing firm site. (See About page on blog for contact info)

Note- contact us for pricing information if you are a carrier or adjusting firm wishing to have these programs presented LIVE to your group for a group discount. These can be presented online OR in the field.

We hope to see many new members join us! We presently have over 850 members registered at ClaimSmentor to include experienced adjusters, claim managers, claim firm owners, and trainee adjusters as well as adjusting firm HR staff visiting regularly accessing our resume data base for assignment potential among our members.


One Response to August 2008- Career Coaching Updates and August Online Claim Class Updates

  1. lgoodson says:

    My resume shows more perseverance and dedication than experience. Fresh, clean slate. Ironically, you must have a chance for experience, to gain experience. I’ve always said that it didn’t matter to me; in what capacity I worked a storm. Whether it’s Agent Advocate, MRU, ALE, Contents, but I trained be an adjuster so I would be my best at all positions.

    I’ve met so many people out in the world, in various fields, with the ‘experience’, but they’ve lost their passion and dedication to their field. So many that have traded perseverance for just simply existing.

    So experience isn’t always the most important part of a resume. I’ve never hired with experience being my number one priority.

    So here’s hoping for work this season.

    Until then, I will continue to ‘experience’ everything you can through education.

    Being here at Claims Mentor is a great place to be for that. Deb is awesome! This site is the best thing to come out of it all for me. I learned a lot by watching Deb. She shows that mentoring isn’t about someone telling you what they have done, but rather showing you what you can do. There are many many mentors on this site that truly want to guide you in this way.

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