Hurricane Gustav Expected to be Major-Emergency TX and LA license links / Claim Statistics for TS Fay/Eduardo/Dolly

August 26, 2008


What a surprise to wake up today to find that Gustav reached hurricane strength so quickly and also to hear the current news with predictions it will make US landfall as anywhere from a Category 3 to a Category 5 strength hurricane.

My favorite weather reports over at Ralph’s Tropical weather show not only Hurricane Gustav now at 90 MPH but other areas with potential for development:

Here is also the latest 11am stormtrack report over at Ralph’s:

The 2pm NOAA hurricane tracking map looks dead on for LA again (unreal with the 3 year anniversary of Katrina this week):

Here are important links on Adjuster licensing for TX and LA. It’s important to remember that LA has added adjuster licensing post Katrina so the rules have changed since the last major storm in LA:

TX emergency adjuster license info:

TX Resident and Non Resident adjuster license link:

LA emergency adjuster licensing info as well as resident and non resident info is very difficult to find. The new law was effective January of 2007. Here is a link to the info we found last year on their website:

(Make sure to read all such as Claims Adjuster License Act,etc):

Worley adjusting firm actually has the LA Adjusters study guide link up on their site:

**Update Wednesday 8/27- See comments at end of this blog for addition of MS emergency adjuster and non resident/resident license info and applications

You might want to keep this LA Road closure and evacuation route info handy if traveling into the area next week:


Many of you are following or searching for claim statistics from TS Fay. Thus far, the majority of reports are showing statistics anywhere between 9,000 and 11,000 claims from the top 5 carriers depending on which report you read. Here are numerous links to update you by carrier:

Here are more stories of St John’s River flooding HO claims:,0,6799981.story

Another interesting story on flooding hitting non covered HO’s hard:

This report alleges 11,000 claims vs the 9,200 in other reports above from top 4 carriers:


In other interesting 2008 Hurricane Season updates, you’ll want to take a minute to read this update on the status of the Texas Windpool (TWIA )funds available post Hurricane Dolly and Eduardo:

Updates 9/2/08: Damage Stats and Temp Housing Links in Gustav damage zones:

FL Emergency Adjuster Regulations for Tropical Storm Fay

August 21, 2008


Independent adjusters working Tropical Storm Fay claims will need a FL Emergency Adjuster license per the following directive by the FL Department of Insurance if you do not have a resident or non resident FL license:

Please Participate in the 2008 Claims Magazine Annual Claim Salary Survey

August 21, 2008


We have been asked by Eric Gilkey, Editor of Claims Magazine to distribute this link to as many staff and independent adjusters and managers as possible in hopes of great feedback on this year’s claim salary survey. Below you will find the information to participate:

 We are excited to see many questions specific to independent adjusters are included in this year’s survey.

Please pass this email on to all you know in the Claims industry to make this
the most helpful survey possible!

Here is the email received:

Every year, Claims Magazine asks its readers to participate in a salary survey
in an attempt to better understand and convey the working conditions and
salaries of the claim professionals for whom we write. Today, your input and
opinions are requested.

Below is a link to a short online survey. It should only take about five minutes
to complete. The survey is confidential, and respondents’ identities will be
concealed. Answers will only be used in tabulation with others, and comments
will not be directly identified.

Since the number of subscribers being asked to complete the survey is small,
your participation is critical to the accuracy and usefulness of the survey’s
results. We value your input and thank you in advance for your assistance.


Eric Gilkey

Editor in Chief

Claims Magazine

Thanks Deb. Hope everything is going well for you.


Eric Gilkey

Editor | Claims Magazine

Conference Chair | ACE America’s Claims Event

The National Underwriter Company



Note- we had previously published the results of the 2007 Claim Salary survey results. If you missed that blog, here is a link:

Thank you for participating!

Citizens expects to Post Rebid RFP for Independent Adjusters on August 19, 2008

August 18, 2008


We had previously posted that Citizens of FL had cancelled RFP 08-0016. They now have a Current Notice posted that they expect to repost the RFP on 8/19/08. We will post about the new RFP once they get it posted on their website. We know many are curious why the RFP was once again cancelled for the 3rd time in 2008 so hopefully that mystery will be resolved tomorrow! Here is the current notice posted:





RFP # 08-0016

Opening Date: May 27, 2008


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation anticipates issuing the rebid for

Independent Adjusters for Daily and Catastrophic Claims on August 19, 2008.

We recommend monitoring the Citizens Purchasing website for the

notification of the rebid at


Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Purchasing Department

Citizens Center

2101 Maryland Circle

Tallahassee, FL 32303

(850) 575-0936Facsimile




Tropical Storm Fay heads towards FL- Standby calls abound!

August 18, 2008


Adjusters are reporting receipt of numerous standby emails from adjusting firms nationwide with the impending arrival of TS Fay early this week. Many are headed to Citizens of FL duty already in preparation for the arrival of TS Fay.

Here is the latest of hurricane advisories based on the 5am advisory. The storm is moving more east than originally expected and this link shows the projected path:

We will continue to update the blog later today as our staffing firm also receives standby requests for adjusters on our rosters. Watch for updates late today.

Please send your resumes to Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claim Training should you need to update your resume or wish consideration for opportunities to deploy as they become available. All contact information is found on the About page here on the blog.

MS AG Hood and State Farm reach agreement on Katrina disputes Wednesday 8/6

August 7, 2008



MS AG Jim Hood and State Farm apparently reached an agreement on Katrina insurance claim disputes on the wind vs water claim settlement issues. We’ve gone around the net for a wide view of opinions on this news and here are some very different perspectives on who is the victor if there is one in this lengthy battle:

First we have the Sun Herald News from Biloxi, MS who includes a response from State Farm regarding comments made by AG Jim Hood on the settlement you can view here:

Legalnewsline discusses State Farm’s reaction about “perplexing comments” made by AG Hood:

For a truly different perspective see comments from the anti insurance side of things- look at what the SLABBED web blog is saying on this :

and a second SLABBED blog post today:

Directly from State Farm’s Hurricane Response web page is this:

Here is another detailed story from the National Underwriter’s Property and Casualty news providing additional background and information on this “settlement”:

Saving the very best for last, you won’t want to miss Attorney David Rossmiller’s detailed and often humorous look back at Hood’s deposition testimony and other detailed history on these cases with Hood:

Here are links to 3 prior blogs we have posted on this subject :

 **Update-here is the pdf of the agreement posted by the Sun Herald:

Citizens of FL Cancels RFP for Independent Adjusters yet another time in 2008- Rebid now times 4

August 5, 2008

We are still playing catch up on important developments in the claims industry while we were out the majority of July due to my daughter’s hospitalization and 2 deaths in the family we are sad to have experienced this past month.

Citizens of FL was to make an announcement about adjusting firms selected to work daily (non catastrophe) claims the week of July 8, 2008. Instead, in unbelievable fashion, Citizens posted a cancellation announcement on their website that RFP08-0016 which was the third time adjusting firms had to submit request for proposal documents to Citizens in 2008 for consideration to handle their assignments.

Is what is most interesting is that the Citizens of FL Claim Committee report to the Board of Govenors on 6/18/08 included a recommendation of 30 adjusting firm names they proposed to use on the daily claims beginning in July 2008 and catastrophe claims beginning in June 2009.

The cancellation announcement tells us little other than to watch the website to rebid. We received this information initially from three claim adjusting firm owners who were absolutely shocked as well to find out that their much hard work was again for naught. See notes added after this blog written in last paragraph below updating with Citizens 6/19/09 minutes of the meetings which might give you further clues into the reason for the changes.

While none of us have any details regarding the reasoning, I am curious if the latest cancellation which will require adjusting firms bid yet a 4th time in 2008 to be considered for assignments has anything to do with the Board of Govenors director making an announcement at the June 18, 2008 meeting announcing his resignation as well as the Citizens Task Force on Claims handling issuing it’s final report (yet their site says to watch for an update in August 2008). Watch next week if their notice is accurate that they would have the rebid RFP process announcement up within 30 days which should be next week. The only thing we do not wonder at this time is if it was due to the adjusting firms who bid last time. A review of the 30 firms recommended in the Claims Committee and Board agenda notes linked to below shows some of the largest and most reputable firms in the industry such as Pilot and Crawford which both would have been newcomers to the RFP process and announcements as they were not among the players in the 2007/2008 Cat adjusting firms or daily claim firms leaving us all to wonder….WHAT WAS IT THIS TIME!

Here are links to the various announcements mentioned above:

Citizens notice that they were cancelling for rebid RFP 08-0016:

Board of Governors announcement not only that Chairman Bruce Douglas would be retiring BUT ALSO that the Board members terms all end 7/31/08 and we have yet to see the announcement about who the new Board members will be:

Citizens of FL Task Force Final Report ( watch for another post in the next few days about errors easily spotted in this report when you compare details in the report with Board Claim Committee meeting minutes):

Here is a link to the 6/18/08 Claim Committee Board Meeting notes that contains the list of 30 firms in attachment 3E in the left hand column:


Here is the link to the 6/19/09 Board of Governor’s Meeting notes where you will again see the recommendations for the 30 adjusting firms- look at document 11C for the list in the list on the left side of the page for the list submitted to the Board of Governors:

Here is the notice of July 11, 2008 found in several locations on their website:

You will find it here as well now with the other RFP 08-0016 documents:

It is posted under Current notices as well here:

We will continue to keep you updated since so many independent adjusters and adjusting firms we speak with are interested in this ongoing saga and the plight for their independent adjusting firms who have gone to great expense training adjusting to comply with Citizens training requests for Independent adjusters as well as the cost and time they incurred putting together the past 3 RFP’s for naught.

We are all fortunate that both Hurricane Dolly and TS Edouard missed FL in 2008 to hopefully give Citizens time to get their act together regarding independent adjusters which they have been relying on to handle a very heavy percentage of their assignments. My heart goes out to fellow claim associates who have tried to be patient and comply with all of the Citizens training requests for online and field training classes ( does Citizens not understand Independent adjuster vs employee staff adjuster? )and to my friends and family in FL who we fear will suffer more than necessary in the aftermath of any major storm with the lack of decision making evidenced by the continual posting of RFP’s for independents followed by cancellations LONG AFTER the RFP deadlines for each were given. It is just too hard to believe this could be going on right in the heart of hurricane season in FL. Fortunately, Citizens is to operate off the 2007 list of 46 vendors this cat season but you can just imagine how dedicated those adjusting firms will be with their claim resources versus servicing claims of another carrier they can rely on to make a decision BEFORE they commit their time and resources to their needs. According to this document posted in the upcoming August 7, 2008 meeting agenda notes, they are seeking $9,100,000 in funding for Claim Administration contract fees:

While the task force was designed to review pending claims from the years 2004/2005, Florida needs to do whatever needs to be done to designate a PROACTIVE task force to study the continued problems with the claim handling RFP issues BEFORE it’s too late and a storm hits and a committee at that point can only be REACTIVE after there is a problem. If you agree with this sentiment, you should send a link to this article to the Task Force contacts or your local congressman before you suffer a claim and cannot get service. You will find Task Force members and contact information on their site:

The Citizens Board meeting notes posted on their website are still behind with the last minutes posted for April and the beginning of May so hopefully they will be updated in the future meetings. After beginning this blog entry, I did find that the August 7, 2008 Board of Governors meeting notes do contain the 6/19/08 Claim Committee notes and they show that the Board did approve the list of 30 in the 6/18 and 6/19 links below. Here is a link to the 6/19 meeting notes and you will find the comments on page 12 of 14 of those minutes. So the bottom line is from all reports on their website, they were going to approve the 30 firms. We have no idea why that changed except possibly the comments on a three year committment which differed from RFP 08-0016 service time frames. I guess we will all know what other differences may involved when the new RFP is listed. (Note this first link will move to PAST links after the 8/7 meeting if you are looking for it after that date)

**Update- see 2 comments added for additional information and links