Nationwide Insurance Proposes One policy covering Wind and Flood Coverage

Nationwide Insurance is proposing a new policy covering the peril of flood and wind coverage. There are several news stories out on the issue as well as information Nationwide has now published on their website.

Would this not be fantastic news for adjusters? All of us who have had to make the determination after a hurricane attributing damage to wind and flood know the difficulty doing so. I am curious if the policy is written based on the posted information how adjusters would be trained and certified to handle the claims. Presently, Nationwide does have an independent adjuster certification exam. Flood claims are presently covered by NFIP requiring independent adjusters who have successfully obtained their flood certification. We’ll post more later as this information becomes available.

Here is the link to all of the news on the Enhanced Homeowners Policy as posted on the  Nationwide website: click here

Here is a link to the AP article advising Nationwide has petitioned Congress for permission to sell this policy:  click here

We continue to staff for an adjusting firm who is a Nationwide vendor and we do have a waiting list for adjusters waiting to take the next Nationwide certification class with them. If you need the Nationwide Independent adjuster certification exam and would like to be notified of the next class, submit your resume verifying a minimum of two years of adjusting experience to Dimechimes Claims Staffing and Claim Training (contact info on About page here on blog)  and we will notify you of the next scheduled certification class and testing.

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