Breaking News- Citizens has posted 30 firms selected for Tier 1 on new RFP

Special thanks to the claims manager who has shared that Citizens has now posted the names of the 30 adjusting firms selected to fill the new RFP for daily and catastrophe claims.

The information is not in the usual Awarded or Closed Purchasing documents but is listed in the FUTURE Meeting dates section for the Board of Govenor meetings due to a 6/18/2008 2:30 PM Claims Committee meeting where they are seeking approval on their selection of these 30 firms out of the 69 firms submitting RFP documents.

Here are the links to read all of their uploaded documents as they have posted on their website:

**UPDATE 6/19- they’ve  now moved the meeting notes to the PAST meetings link when you click on the Board of govenors notes. Here is the new link where you’ll find all of the documents


**note if your system is like mine, I get a security warning any time I try to access a Citizens web page but if you just keep refreshing your web browser the page will eventually come up

These are the documents they presently have uploaded on the left side of this link to the June 18, 2008 Claims committee meeting:

Meeting Documents:
Main Agenda Document:
Agenda Items:

02A: 02A RFP 08 0016.pdf

02B: 02B 08 0016 Addendum.pdf

03A: 03A IA Daily CAT Exec Summary.pdf

03B: 03B Exhibit A RFP Timeline.pdf

03C: 03C Exhibit B Statement of Work.pdf

03D: 03D Exhibit C Contract Terms and Conditions.pdf

03E: 03E Exhibit D Firms Recommended.pdf


It is my understanding directly from the claim manager who advised the documents were posted that they have not yet received communication from Citizens notifying them that they were not selected/were selected. They found the information by searching the web site as well. I had been watching it every several hours for the announcement but in the usual places for Awarded and Closed purchasing documents.

This is a major disappointment for the firms not selected who participated and incurred the expense to host the new face to face training for the 2008 storm season and now “feel like lame ducks” knowing they will work catastrophe claims in 2008 but not selected for 2009. Our sympathies are with these firms.

Make sure to read all of the documents uploaded for their meeting this afternoon as they contain timelines for the transitions for the new firms who will be working as well as designated training periods for the new vendors.

We note that there are several firms not on the current list of 46 firms for the 2008 season so we’ll be furnishing website links for the new firms as soon as we have the list completed for our members over at ClaimSmentor.

7 Responses to Breaking News- Citizens has posted 30 firms selected for Tier 1 on new RFP

  1. Dimechimes says:

    Citizens posted this on their website Friday 6/27/08 so stay tuned for Final Award list:

    RFP # 08-0016
    Friday, June 27, 2008
    Final evaluation and validation of RFP# 08-0016, Independent Adjusters for
    Daily and Cat Claims, is currently in progress. We anticipate this action to be
    completed the week of July 7th and we will notify all respondents once it is
    completed. Thank you for your interest in doing business with Citizens Property
    Insurance Corporation

    Click to access purchasing-current_notices.cfm

  2. Dimechimes says:

    Word has it from one of the RFP vendors that the official announcement of the final names will be made later this week. dkm 6/30/08- that must be why they don’t have the award list with the final documents in the closed award link above.

  3. Dimechimes says:

    Now that Citizens has awarded this, they have moved all the original RFP documents to the closed purchasing documents- just look for RFP 08-0016:

    The award specifics still isnt with the original RFP documents but you can find it at their website still under Board of Governor meeting notes _Past Meetings on the 6/18/08 claims committee notes in item 03E in the left hand column of the meeting agenda documents

  4. Dimechimes says:

    Citizens has already moved the 6/18 claims committee meeting notes to the PAST meetings tab so you’ll have to use this new link to locate this 6/18/08 Claims Committee meeting with all the links to the documents on the announcement and more:

  5. Dimechimes says:

    Here is also the prior blog on the 2008 RFP which lead to these new selections:

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