Current Claim Adjuster Job Opportunities

June 6, 2008

We have been requested to staff for Nationwide Certified adjusters for one of our clients. We are looking for experienced adjusters who also have completed their Nationwide certification exams.

Should you be an experienced adjuster and need to obtain your Nationwide certification, we can place you in an upcoming FREE class taking place 6/20 and 6/21/08 with our client. Email us  should you need the class for more information. You must supply your resume for consideration and referral. All Contact info can be found on the About page here on the blog. 

We have also been asked by another client to update our Commercial Large Loss adjusters roster in preparation for hurricane season. Please email your resume for consideration to us if qualified. Please be sure your email/ resume includes specifics about the types of commercial claims and the type and size of the condominium claims you have handled. Include information on the carriers you have experience working commercial claims for.

We are also accepting resumes for experienced adjusters for the upcoming hurricane season as well as for daily claims. With the large number of hail storms and tornado losses the past month, many adjusting firms are rapidly running through their rosters and are requesting staffing assistance.

You can find all information we need from applicants at our staffing firm site on the Opportunities tab. See About page here on the blog for all contact info.

Carrier requirements are much stricter this year. Many adjusting firms are requiring that you have non resident licenses versus operating under emergency adjuster licenses due to the fact many of the storms this year while causing serious damage did not generate the number of claims for a state to approve emergency adjusters thus to work claims in a state not declaring approval of emergency licenses you must have a non resident license. I will blog more about that next week and provide information that many of the adjusting firms are presenting as far as the states they are recommending you secure your non resident license in (states prone to storms).

Unfortunately, on some recent staffing requests we had to turn down even some very experienced adjusters because the carrier would make NO exception allowing experienced adjusters to deploy as they did not have that carrier’s current certification exam completed. We all know those requirements become more lax during a major catastrophe but thus far most carriers are not being flexible about waiving this requirement.

Review our FAQ for more information on our process. There is never a charge to the adjuster as all fees are paid by the insurance carrier or adjusting firm engaging our services: