Final Reminder for 40 hours Fundamentals of Claims Class to begin 6/9/08- Also Vendor and Carrier Field Claims Mentor Opportunities- Post Yours Now

We are beginning our next online LIVE 40 Hour Fundamentals of Claims Class Monday June 9, 2008 .

 All information on the class and registration information for ClaimSmentor is listed in this blog topic:

**Note the start date was moved to 6/9/08 with first pre-class reading assignments to be posted this Friday and self study guides on ALE, Contents Claims, and much more to be emailed out to class participants this Saturday.


These are very exciting days for many of the ClaimSmentor trainees who have received their first assignments for deployment on hail storms nationwide. We are most appreciative to the adjusting firms offering these folks trainee opportunities to work in the field as assistants to experienced adjusters on rope and harness teams to assure their first files go well and to assure great claim customer service is provided to insureds.

If your firm is offering field claim mentor opportunities this hail or hurricane season with the vast number of storm claims now being reported, we will post these opportunities in our Career Forum at ClaimSmentor for trainee adjusters to submit their resumes to your designated HR personnel. We have worked with hundreds of trainee adjusters since the inception of ClaimSmentor (now going into our third year) and can attest to the fact that most of these adjusters have obtained their adjuster resident and non resident licenses, obtained many of the required carrier certification courses, and done much more to obtain excellent claim training from ClaimSmentor as well as from many other reliable training sources.

We hope one day to see Insurance company claims departments offer storm season claim intern opportunities to independent adjusters similiar to the programs many insurance companies offer to college students and summer intern opportunities for teachers. Having worked in the claim management carrier ranks and interviewed hundreds of folks for trainee positions, I can attest to the fact these are much more qualified trainee adjusters having their licenses, estimate software classes, construction backgrounds and agency backgrounds, as well as much more training then you ever find by candidates applying for trainee positions normally have. This will save carriers months of training and also help resolve some of the baby boomer retirement and personnle issues many carriers are facing today. Join ClaimSmentor today if you are in HR at the carrier level or adjusting firm level and have free access to our rosters and view these folks resumes yourself.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find such a large group (now 823 members) of valuable candidates! All registration info is on the About page here on the blog. Just advise you are HR personnel  or claim management with the carrier using your carrier email address and we can register you without further identification.

We'd love to hear from you- please leave a reply with your comments!

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