Auto Adjuster Claim Training Updates


We seem to be getting more and more inquiries about Auto Claim Training options so we wanted to update our  blog for you.

First, here are links to our first two Auto Adjuster Claim training blogs:

We’ve located some additional information to share with the trainees looking for more auto claim training information:

Vale National Technical training school has a Basics in Auto Estimating book you can purchase online for a mere $38.00:

They also are developing some online auto estimating courses as outlined here:

You’ll find a drop down menu on Automobile Claim training options with Vale using this link:

We’ve mentioned in prior blogs about some Auto Estimating program options for writing auto claim estimates in the first two blogs but I’m not sure I mentioned Audatex and here is a link to their estimating program:

Here’s a April 2008 press release advising that  Mitchell/ CCC Pathways auto estimating software firms are merging and will be known as CCC-Mitchell, Inc:


For a complete schedule of Vale Tech’s 2008 Auto estimating courses which they have listed at a cost of $2,295 for the two week program (note Vale is used by insurance companies frequently thus staff auto adjusters would have this fee paid by the carrier sending them to school along with their housing expenses and meals):

You might also wish to check with Pacesetter Claims regarding upcoming Auto Claim training classes:

Wardlaw Claims is offering an online auto adjuster claim training class in Investigating Auto Liability Claims for a most reasonable $23.95 :

I’ve heard through some participants at ClaimSmentor that CNC-Resource adjusting firm in Mobile, AL is also offering some insurance company auto claim carrier certification courses if you want to check with them for their next classes which come highly recommended by a moderator at ClaimSmentor who has taken their classes:

Pilot Catastrophe Services has recently been running advertisements for experienced Auto Claims adjusters and their website link for Auto Adjusters indicates they do offer a yearly three week auto adjusting class so you may wish to check with them as well:

There are many auto claim training programs for insurance company auto adjuster trainees and some excellent carrier staff adjuster training schools such as this Progressive Insurance ad explains from a 2005 press release:

And this article about Progressive’s five training facilities from 2006:

We’ll continue to add information to this Auto Claim Training blog series as we learn of new training opportunities in the field and online by other sources.

We welcome input and replies from experienced auto adjusters who have more information to share with new adjusters.

Update 6/11/08:

Automobile Adjuster Online Estimatics book is now offered by Vale Tech at a most reasonable price and highly recommended:

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