Hurricane Season 2008 begins some interesting articles you may not have seen

June 1, 2008


We’ve all read the normal yearly hurricane season predictions/announcements predicting the number of storms as well as the intensity such as this NOAA report:

We all know how well the forecasts matched the reality the past two years when very few independent adjusters were deployed due to the lack of actual hurricanes.

I thought you might enjoy these other less common articles discussing hurricane season this year:

This first link discusses the change in the jet stream and what that can mean to the future increases in damage caused by approaching US hurricane:

Here’s a most interesting article indicating the Hurricane Prediction center would like to de-emphasize the hype around the yearly predictions:

Here’s another story explaining the drones that are going to be used in forecasting this year which should be able to improve hurricane strength forecasts for hurricanes approaching landfall and also provides some interesting discussions about the personnel changes and problems at the Hurricane Prediction center:,0,2272150.story

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