Colorado Hail/ Tornado of May 22, 2008- Updated Damage Reports

That was quite some storm in Colorado yesterday and the hail damage report sizes shown on the NOAA storm reports indicates there was major hail there. Here’s some of the best of the news reports we located and other information you may need if heading to CO for tornado/hail storm duty:

Here’s one of the best stories with details on the structural damage:


State Farm’s CO Regional office suffers storm damage and Dept of Insurance encourages insureds encouraged to call SF corporate instead:

Colorado Dept of Insurance website:  (Nothing on site about adjuster’s licenses- I don’t believe they are required)

Colorado Dept of Insurance Market Share and Carrier Insurance Dept complaint info- Good link for adjusting firms looking for insurance companies to market their services to with their market share for these storm claims:

 Here’s several links to some interesting storm stories in the Denver post on the damage:

**look for the word tornados in the left side of the box on this second link to lots of video footage of the damage

Here are yesterday’s NOAA storm reports showing the tornado and hail damage reports:

**note if your accessing the storm report link after 5/23 then you’d enter 5/22/08 on the link to find these reports

Here’s the Windsor CO website showing neighborhoods closed to public and more info today on damage there and emergency shelters:

Weld County is the county listed in the NOAA storm reports- here is some helpful info on the Weld County Sheriff’s office site:

Very interesting info on how very large Weld County is- and other links you may need to their Building Inspector and Building and Permits numbers:

Weld County covers an area of 4,004 square miles in north central Colorado. It is bordered on the north by Wyoming and Nebraska and on the south by the Denver metropolitan area. The third largest county in Colorado, Weld County has an area greater than that of Rhode Island, Delaware and the District of Columbia combined. The climate is dry and generally mild with warm summers, mild winters and a growing season of approximately 138 days. Read more…

Here are some interesting statistics on the most costly storms in the Rocky Mountain region:

I’ll update this blog post throughout the day as we locate carrier damage numbers.

2 Responses to Colorado Hail/ Tornado of May 22, 2008- Updated Damage Reports

  1. Dimechimes says:

    Here is an update from the Denver post on claim numbers:

    $147 million in insurance claims expected from Colo. storms
    The Associated Press
    Article Last Updated: 05/27/2008 05:33:32 PM MDT

    WINDSOR, Colo.—Insurance industry officials said they expect $147 million worth of claims from last week’s deadly tornadoes and hailstorms in northern Colorado, making it the fourth-most-costly storm in state history.
    State officials said the tornadoes destroyed nearly 80 homes and damaged roughly 770 others. Oscar Manchester, 52, was killed at a campground near Greeley.

    The Rocky Mountain Insurance Institute said Tuesday that it expects a total of 20,000 claims: 8,000 property claims and 12,000 vehicle claims.

    Damage to homes in Thursday’s storms ranged from glass and roof damage to houses ripped from their foundations.The estimated 12,000 auto claims include hail dents and destroyed vehicles.

    Homeowners insurance covers damage from tornadoes, wind and hail, while damage to vehicles is covered if owners carry comprehensive car insurance.

    Multimillion-dollar hail storms are common in Colorado, but past tornadoes haven’t done the same kind of damage, said Carole Walker, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.

    Before last week, Colorado’s most costly tornado did an estimated $20 million in damage in Limon in June 1990. Insurance officials said the storms that tore through parts of Larimer and Weld counties were the costliest-ever outside the Denver metro area.

    Federal officials Monday approved the state’s request for federal disaster aid, making available help with temporary housing and grants and low-cost loans for home and business repairs not covered by insurance.

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