Registration Deadline 4/25/08 for Next 40 Hour Fundamentals of Claims Online Live Class


We have extended the deadline to register for the Next 40 Hour Fundamentals of Claims Class held Live ONLINE at our e-mentor site  at  ClaimSmentor to April 25, 2008. The class will be held from 6-9pm CST on Monday and Thursday evenings beginning Monday April 28, 2008. If you missed the original posting, here is a link with more information on the class.

I’m always amazed at the feedback from class participants who advise after taking the course how unprepared they actually were to go out on their first assignments. Many have obtained their adjuster’s license and a portion have taken an estimatics class to learn estimating software. Most have no idea how to answer questions like those posed below that is just a touch of what we cover in our basic adjusting class:

1) How do I zone my assignments to meet carrier expectations on inspection quotas? What do received to inspected/inspected to closed ratios have to do with you and carrier expectations? How is your production monitored and how does it differ for independent adjusters vs staff adjusters( or is there a difference?)

2) Who are high profile clients that I must inspect immediately regardless of severity code of the damage?

3) What are severity codes? In addition to severity codes, what other factors do you need to know to comply with management expectations when prioritzing catastrophe assignments?

4) What does the carrier expect of me regarding Agency relationships when an agent is pushing for their claims to be handled first?

5) What actions/steps must you take when you are dealing with a coverage issue? What forms are required and what steps must I take to keep the carrier out of trouble on a claim?

6) What things should you avoid signing on an independent contract with an adjusting firm? What are the most common problem areas for adjusters getting paid on assignments that you can avoid so you don’t go unpaid this storm season? Where can you seek out information on reliable adjusting firms? Who do you report non paid invoices to? Should you carry your own E and O insurance if the adjusting firm offers to cover you…info by expert E and O firms.

7) What different type of carrier fee schedules are there and which are most advantageous to you as the adjuster? What is the difference in a daily rate vs a fee schedule or time and expense schedule? What are typical fee splits with the adjusting firm? When can you expect payment on your fee bills? How do you track outstanding fee bills?

8. What are file requirements for the claim file for a paper file and for an electronic file submission? What is the standard file order for document submission? On an electronic file submission, what do I name my documents for future reference? See examples of all standard required forms.

9) What are my contents claim software choices? Who pays for this? How do I calculate depreciation and “absorb” deductibles on special limits?

10) How do I handle an Insurance Department Complaint file? How do you  deal with a Public Adjuster? An Attorney letter of representation? What are time demands?

11) How do you determine what kind of advance is needed and housing options for a policyholder? How do you complete an additional living expense worksheet? What are abatements?

12) What information do you need to obtain regarding insurance carrier management file and customer service expectations BEFORE you start working files to avoid claim file closure rejections?

13) What are typical code of conduct requirements by a carrier for adjusters? What ethical standards are you expected to meet while on assignment? What are the most frequent type of problems that get adjusters sent home? Can you work for multiple carriers on one catastrophe? Can you use an assistant? Must they be licensed?

We cover much more than this during the course to include pre-reading assignments, pre-class homework assignments covering these issues and more on building losses, contents claim losses, and additional living expense claims.

Should you wish to join us for this upcoming class- the last prior to Hurricane Season, you will need to register at ClaimSmentor so you can access our LIVE ONLINE class room and have access to all class assignments. More information regarding the class is shared in our ClaimSmentor Forums. All website and registration information is found on the About page here on the blog.

Contact us (About page) if you have questions regarding class tuition (minimal for such a detailed course) or questions regarding registering.

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