Immediate Need for Experienced Adjusters- TX License for Storm Claims

April 11, 2008


We have an immediate need for TX licensed (resident or non resident) EXPERIENCED adjusters who have prior assignment experience working field HAIL claims AND are NATIONWIDE certified ALREADY to handle claims immediately for the TX storms. I can’t make any exceptions to the prior HAIL experience requirement nor the Nationwide certifications.

If you wish consideration, send your resume to . This request is currently for 5 experienced adjusters and may expand to more very shortly. We are getting a mass distribution email out to our Dimechimes Corporation roster folks as well as posting this to experienced adjusters who are members of ClaimSmentor so please submit the information immediately should you wish consideration.

Due to the number of storms, we are expecting additional requests so feel free to also submit your resume if you wish consideration for other requests we may receive. We are requiring current 2008 resumes for all seeking consideration. You can find a complete listing of information we require on your resume here:

***Update 4/18/08- We have received a supplemental request for additional adjusters to go on standby for the Dallas, Tx area due to additional storms. We must have information in your cover email that specifies approximately when you took and successfully passed your Nationwide Insurance certification exam and through which vendor in addition to your 2008 resume with 2 current references. The vendor we are staffing for must verify with Nationwide that you did successfully certify before they can deploy you.


Carriers taking notice on Blog comments- USAA responds to blog comments on 3.5 million punitive award

April 11, 2008


Remember recently I’d posted a blog about communication efforts carrier’s need to make with all the new popularity of news blogs and other blog sites? Here is a link if you missed that blog.

Well, USAA is one carrier taking notice and has issued a response to an article out of San Antonio which received over 90 comments from readers regarding a punitive damage award against USAA (which the response says they will appeal by the way). There is some interesting reading both over at Rossmiller’s blog which will give you some background on the case and the 3.5 million punitive award as well as in USAA’s side of the story and information about the appeal. You should take the time to scroll through the 90 or more by now comments and see also the comments by alleged employees about working conditions there.

If you don’t believe blogs are starting to catch the eye with carriers- read this article where USAA responds to blog entries (make sure to click on the words in the article about 90 comments and it will take you to them. It’s interesting reading with 3 or 4 USAA employees even posting about what a terrible company USAA has become for adjusters…(hopefully they are just poor employees on a mission but we never know from the outside).

Here’s David Rossmiller’s story about the 3.5 milion dollar punitive award against USAA: