Allstate releases McKinsey Documents!

April 7, 2008

We are pleased to notify you that Allstate has released the controversial McKinsey documents. We wrote about these documents previously in our prior blog since they had been in the news so much lately. See links below to find all of our prior blog information on the documents. This is GREAT news for the insurance industry and claims folks in light of the Allstate press release comments which says in part the following:

Allstate believes public criticisms by people with a vested interest in creating an inaccurate picture of the company’s claim practices have been based unfairly on only snippets from the documents taken out of context.
We continue to believe that the documents deserve protection as containing trade secret and confidential proprietary information and that our actions to protect them from general disclosure have been appropriate. However, because of the need to address misunderstandings resulting from the growing misplaced focus by our critics on very small pieces of the whole, we have decided to make the documents public.

Here is a link to the entire press release that contains a link to all of the documents as well- click here
Let the sunshine in on these documents where YOU can make a decision for yourself regarding this information. I do believe this can FINALLY put to rest all the controversy that has surrounded these documents by attorneys who have made every attempt to take a small “snippet” as Allstate calls it and turn them into alleged wrong doing in just about every case that goes the suit route on Allstate claims. By going public with them, hopefully this is one step further towards our goal for a much improved image we are working so hard to establish for insurance adjusters and adjusting firms who work directly for insurance carriers and must follow their management instructions for claim handling.

Here is a link to the documents that Allstate has provided- Click here

**Note you will have to first click on a link on the Allstate site that says you accept their terms before it takes you to this link to download the documents.

Here is a link to our prior blog on the McKinsey documents if you want more history on the documents as well as information in the news recently by those trying to get at these documents to include the FL Insurance rating hearings where the requests for these documents kept coming up in recent months-Click here

4/8/08- Update- click on Comment for links to two other articles posting negative comments about Allstate releasing the docs for opposing views so you know two sides of the story.

6/7/2o1o Update- I was just notified by someone today that the links no longer are available in this blog so here is one I could locate a new link for which is Allstate’s archived press release about the release of these documents. Here is the new link: