State Farm VS Hood- Part II- So what happened 2/19? New developments

February 20, 2008

Just when we thought that the MS AG Jim Hood and State Farm had resolved their differences with the dismissal of the case involving Hood’s attempts to reopen criminal investigations against State Farm based on a “new focus” (carrier alleges NFIP files instead of Katrina HO claims), things came back into the headline news and blogs 2/19/08 with a big bang. We wrote about the dismissal earlier this month in this here.

The dismissal included sealed settlement documents so we thought that would be the end of the news on the case. The blogs at numerous sites have been hot and heavy debating the sealed documents and the rights of the citizens of MS to know what Hood agreed to. Yesterday’s major developments began with articles posted at the MS Clarion Ledger news where MS AG Hood spoke with them regarding the settlement. This was followed by a major goof by an attorney representing State Farm who replied to a Hood’s office email release on the story failing to realize that the recipients included among them AP reporters.

Without going back through all the details, I’ll point you to several ongoing blogs and news links to read it all for yourself. I’ll be doing the same later this week on all of the developments in the Scruggs alleged bribery case and developments happening the past two weeks or so on the contempt case (Rigsby/EA Renfroe). Things on all things Scruggs are moving at a rapid fire pace making it impossible to keep up with the updates as far as new blogs are concerned while dealing with other responsibilities at the moment. I’ll link you later this week to some of the best of the best reporting on blogs and in the news I’ve come across the past few weeks.

I do have one question I can’t get off of my mind that will require lots more research regarding “the dump weekend documents”…where did Gene Taylor get the document he shared with the congressional hearings? How would he have had such intimate details on insurance cases? Yes, it’s all been in the news but it would be interesting to know how he came to know about the cases he presented to the hearings and where he got the legal documents from. He’s got them posted on his website. I have a real problem with the fact the committees heard testimony about NFIP claim handling problems from Lott, Taylor, and Hood and Hood’s testimony in court on the State Farm vs Hood case was pathetic concerning his alleged “lack of knowledge” on file particulars even though he admits to having the Rigsby documents. More on that later when I can dedicate a day to looking back through the congressional testimony documents vs documents in court on several other cases. It just seems awful strange that we hear little from Lott or Taylor these days since all of the Scruggs cases have exploded. Here is a link to Gene Taylor’s web page– click on the link on the top right hand side of the web page where he refers to Insurance Fraudulent Practices (and why has he not updated this to include the fact GAO initial studies found no evidence of wrongdoing?)

Now getting back to the Hood/ State Farm fiasco yesterday:

David Rossmiller had 3 seperate blogs on the incident which link you to all of the news articles in the Clarion Ledger and providing actual information on the email details to which the State Farm attorney had replied to yesterday in these 3 blogs. I can’t get the headline to click to allow a link for some reason today so just look for these 3 blogs on 2/19 to read all of the information posted at :

Reality takes a holiday on High Street

Hood denies there is a settlement in State Farm v. Hood

State Farm attorney mistakenly sends query about having Hood held in contempt to reporters, Hood’s press spokesperson was the first report I’d read on the email fiasco with the State Farm attorney in this article.

Ya’ll Politics-2 articles posted yesterday- click here for this article captioned:

Is this guy for real?
by Alan Lange
Also- be sure to read about this Sid Salter 2/18 blog from the Clarion Ledger about Hood- click here to see some ridiculous comments by AG Hood about prosecuting some of the attorney’s involved that have plead guilty/or been involved in the bribery allegations:
Moving over to the FOLO blog (at new location) be sure to review this blog entry titled. You won’t want to miss the now 154 comments below the entry. Click here to view it. 

Jim Hood whistles past the graveyard

February 18th, 2008 – by NMC · 154 Comments


Now something I don’t see anyone discussing as it relates to the State Farm vs Hood case is the comments by State Farm in this motion filed 2-14-08 on the McIntosh vs State Farm/Forensic case where they are seeking to have the remaining members of the Katrina Litigation group dismissed from the case in the Reply Memorandum in Further Support of Defendent’s Second Motion to Disqualify the Barrett, Nutt & McAlister, and the Lovelace law firm. See page 16 in this Reply Memorandum for their comments about the State Farm vs Hood case and sealed documents. You can find that Memorandum over at Rossmiller’s 2/19 blog about half way down  in the blog titled:

Update on State Farm motion to disqualify Katrina Litigation Group

Again, I apologize I’m not getting the font link to fix these copy pastes  so the post sizing is consistent but still want to get the information out to adjusters in spite of that problem. Hopefully, I’ll get that issue figured out with the wordpress folks help soon as time permits. It’s not a matter of just moving it to a word document then reloading it because it is quite time consuming to go back and enter the links all over again so you can click on items and I don’t have that kind of time right now with daily visits to the radiation clinic for my daughter’s 6 weeks radiation treatments for her tumor so bear with me here.
I’ll leave you today with this link to the Clarion Ledger video interviewing Hood on prosecuting those involved in the bribery case. Sometimes a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Click here to view it.
Speak out in reply to this blog- what ramifications do you think will follow Hood’s discussion with the Clarion Ledger as well as the carrier’s attorneys email fiasco in light of the sealed agreement? How are adjusters out in the field feeling about the open/close/reopen investigations on this case?