State Farm vs MS AG Hood Criminal Investigation case dismissed today per agreement reached on 2/6/08

February 7, 2008

The Sun Herald/AP breaking news story received late this evening in an alert indicates Hood and State Farm resolved their case late today.

You will recall this is the same case that Scruggs was called on for his deposition earlier this week. According to many other news reports out this week, Kerri Rigsby also received a subpeona to appear at this week’s court hearing.

Here’s the link to the breaking Sun Herald/AP article received with more news to follow as it sounds like more details will follow tomorrow:

Here is a similar but shorter news story over at the Clarion Ledger:

David Rossmiller at the Insurance Coverage blog has been providing great updates this week on the case at The Insurance Coverage blog  as well some interesting comments and even a LIVE blogger in the court room today over at the FOLO blog at

More on this development tomorrow 2/7 as announcements and details are located.

Update 1:45 AM- Looks like Rossmiller’s been up all night as well and leave it to him to post this informative yet humorous update to yesterday’s events and possible resolution of this case:

Update- 9:30 am 2/7/08- Folo comments indicate the court is back on at 10 or 10:30 am this morning so we’re watching for the court announcements on many sites

Update 12:05pm 2/7-

Here is another Sun Herald article announcing the dismissal and the case under seal. Make sure to note the info in this news story about another case pending between Hood and State Farm on a civil case in another MS county though- only the Criminal investigation suit is dismissed according to this article:

 Update 9:15 pm 2/7:

Rossmiller has the dismissal order up here:,%20order%20sending%20case.pdf

Update 2/8/08: The settlement may be sealed but they now have the hearing transcript of 2/6 and 2/7 up on Rossmiller’s blog:

I’ll blog on that hopefully by Monday after taking 4 hours to read it this evening. Anyone in claims will be totally amazed (digusted?) at Hood’s testimony at the hearing. His figures about EA Renfroe handling 85% of the carriers claims, his testimony that he was trying to force the carrier to no longer use their anti concurrent cause exclusion in the agreement, admissions that the initial subpeona on the 1st criminal investigation had included requests for production also of the NFIP files,etc….no wonder this thing settled so quickly. He looks pretty bad across the board in his testimony and also lacked MUCH knowledge for someone called to testify before congressional hearings yet admitting in his testimony he knew little about flood policies. I could go on for hours but it’s Friday night. More on this later but I wanted to get it posted for any of you wanting the latest updates.

**Update 2/11/08- It appears I’m not the only one thoroughly disgusted about Hood’s testimony last week. You’ll just have to run over to the Insurance Coverage blog and read Rossmiller’s detailed evaluation’ll love this “stupid T shirt” comments..I’m still smiing. (look at 2/11/08 posting)