New Year…..New Claims Career? Many Staff opportunities available for Claim Adjusters and Claim Managers

We hope everyone had an outstanding Christmas with their families yesterday.

This week at ClaimSmentor we are concentrating on posting all known researched job opportunities with carriers for staff claim management, staff adjuster, and staff claim trainee openings.

If you can’t answer which carrier is hiring nationwide for their national catastrophe team, which carrier has posted a substantial number of new openings for telecommuting job opportunities to work for them from home, and which of the many carriers has posted a large number of claim management opportunities without doing all of the research yourself, you might want to join us at ClaimSmentor to view the numerous updates to our Career Forum Staff opportunities. We’ve posted what looks to be the best of the best present openings which may interest our members today.

Tomorrow our concentration will be updating the many daily independent opportunities available with many adjusting firms nationwide as well as updating our own opportunities through vendors we service.

To join ClaimSmentor to participate in our Career Forums as well as many other forums for training, experienced adjusters, and management, you’ll find information on our About page here on the blog to register.

We hope these postings help the many of you searching for outstanding opportunities for 2008!

Watch Tomorrow for our Training Class Schedule for January 2008 to be posted for upcoming online training sessions for new adjusters  for our members!


Happy New Year 2008 to all!



One Response to New Year…..New Claims Career? Many Staff opportunities available for Claim Adjusters and Claim Managers

  1. Dimechimes says:

    Here is a great endorsement of the ClaimSmentor site and the next upcoming 40 hour Fundamentals of Claims Class by David Swank, owner of Mariposa claims posted on their blog today. Thanks to David for sending out this notice to their roster adjusters:

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