OK declares state of emergency allowing emergency adjuster licenses- link for application

December 13, 2007

Many of you may be activated to service claims in OK and other midwest states due to the winter storms.

I’ll update this blog in the next day or so with the damage statistics. In the meantime, here is the information on OK declaring an emergency thus allowing emergency adjusters along with the link to the application and emergency adjuster license information:

Here is the link for the catastrophe adjuster emergency license application:


Here is information on the $15.00 application fee and mailing instructions for the application:


Here is a link to the top 10 insurance companies writing in the state of OK:


Here is the news story making the announcement on the emergency declaration and use of emergency adjusters:


The Southwestern Insurance Institute predicts storm damage claims in OK to reach 35 Million according to this news article posted by the Insurance Journal:


We wish all of you deployed for these storms the safest of travels!