Major Changes in the Way Carriers Recruit and Train adjusters…is there really a lack of available adjusters?

This is an excellent article from Risk And Insurance regarding changes afloat in the adjusting world. While I agree that the training aspect has drastically changed since I entered the adjusting ranks in the early 80’s, I do not agree there is a lack of available adjusters. (The article points out that the opinion on this depends on who you talk to!)

Handling our staffing firm and talking to hundreds of adjusters each month, I am very attuned to who is available. In spite of what you may read on many forums that there is a glut of new adjusters, we receive calls from hundreds of very experienced adjusters who are available and looking for assignments. Is what the carrier doesn’t understand is that the lack of available adjusters depends solely on the human resource efforts of different adjusting firms. Some are extremely proactive while others rely on adjusters to come to them to apply. I am always amazed at the high quality of adjusters we hear from who cannot find assignments.

I’d be interested in receiving comments from many of you reading this article and your opinions on the recruiting, the training comments, and the availability based on your findings in the market.

Here is the article “Taking Time to Adjust” by Erin Fogg online on Risk and Insurance:

3 Responses to Major Changes in the Way Carriers Recruit and Train adjusters…is there really a lack of available adjusters?

  1. commguy01 says:

    After reading the article it seems that there is not a lack of adjusters but rather a lack of properly trained ,qualified , experienced adjusters. With the increasing frequency of natural disasters carriers should focus on negating the post Katrina negative publicity by fielding more than a warm body to address claims issues. The industry should focus on standardization of licensing and training. A three day course which feeds an attendee with the exam answers does little good and more harm in preparing an individual to deal with an insurance claim. Serving slurpees one day and three later giving claims advice. Gotta love it. I’ve been an adjuster for thirty three years and I’m still learning. Gotta wonder what the logic is in not ensuring a better qualified workforce. Skip the caveman ads and focus on employees. This should be the mantra of the claims department.

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