Tomorrow is Postmark Deadline to get applications in to join NACA-National Assn of Catastrophe Adjusters

Special Thanks to President Woody Britton of NACA- National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters for providing us an update that tomorrow is the deadline to get your applications in for membership for this year. Here is a portion of his email which explains:

“If you get time, tomorrow is the deadline for NACA membership applications to be post marked, maybe drop a reminder in the pot for everyone. The class schedule for the convention is on line and the classes are filling well, so we are trying to encourage everyone to get going on registering. I know it has been slow, but these are the years that we need to stick together and meet with other adjusters and the vendors to try and get our names on their lists.”
We have an ongoing very popular topic over at ClaimSmentor for those blog readers who are members there.

In addition to tomorrow’s deadline to apply for 2008 membership, we strongly
encourage all adjusters, adjusting firms, carrier members, and other vendors
supporting the claim industry to participate in this year’s annual NACA
convention to be held in January 2008 in Myrtle Beach, SC. I had the pleasure to
attend the convention in 2007 in Dallas, TX and have become a strong supporter
of their program after experiencing the quality of the educational and
networking opportunities at their convention which was equivalent to attending
an annual major insurance carrier claim convention during my 28 years in claims
as staff.

Here is a link to the upcoming 2008 educational opportunities for the January 2008 convention taking place in Myrtle Beach, SC along with a few additional words from President Woody Britton:

“Enclosed is the link to the NACA educational sessions at this year’s convention. The classes this year are excellent. We also have lined up the accreditation for California Earthquake Authority.  This is the mandatory class you have to take prior to handling claims for them.

Overall, we are excited for the classes and the networking possibilities. It is a great arena to meet fellow adjusters and network your talents and skills to the vendors, face to face.

We look forward to seeing you there!!”

Woody Britton, AIC


Please let NACA know you were referred by ClaimSmentor/Dimechimes Corporation Adjuster Information Blog…Thanks!

Here’s a link to our exhibitor booth from last January’s convention. For you fans…it’s a great chance to meet owner Roy Cupps at the convention in the Crawford booth

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