owner Thomas Brown invites you to participate in Claim Technical issues Survey-free Sprint Card and Laptop case drawing for participants

Subject: Please participate ASAP in this survey to be presented to ISO Tech- FREE Sprint Card and Laptop Travel Case Drawing 

Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 15:40:09 -0400
Thomas Brown, the owner of and the CMS system that won the 2006 AM BEST Award for CMS systems nationwide for his CMS system has invited all ClaimSmentor members and your friends, work associates, members of adjusting firms and carriers to participate in this survey. The deadline to participate is 10/31/07. The survey results will be presented to ISO Tech so all of our input matters and we all love improvement in technology to assist us with our assignments!

Note there are special incentives to do so. Those completing the survey are offered a free Sprint Card and there is a drawing for a travel laptop case. You’ll get an email to thank you for taking the survey with all the information about the free Sprint card and drawing upon completion.

Here’s the link to the survey. Please assist us by taking this survey as improvements in technology helps all of us improve on our jobs. Please make sure to click the box that says you heard about it from ClaimSmentor or the Other block and input Dimechimes Blog. We appreciate it!

I have had the pleasure to manage with this system 2 years and as a claim manager, I cannot imagine supervising adjusters without it. You should check into taking a demo of the system if you haven’t used it. The advanced features such as carrier login ids to view live access to any uploaded claim file documents is amazing and a major selling feature for adjusting firms with carriers. It also allows remote claim examiners to review and approve uploaded documents. The enhancements made again this year bar none are the best, I’ve even considered moving my staffing firm roster candidates to the system and use it as a claim personnel HR tool as the features would work so well for that purpose in conjunction with using the program for claim assignments!

Thanks for sharing this opportunity with our members and readers Thomas. Good luck with the survey!

Best Regards,

Deborah K Moroy,AIC,IIA


Dimechimes Adjuster Information Blog reached our 10,000th reader on 10/20/07 just shy of our 3 month anniverary. Thank you for participating both in our forums and on our blog for adjusters!

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