Citizens of FL adds 46th Adjusting Firm / Tornado damage in Pensacola, FL

We’ve received word this week a 46th vendor has been added to the roster of Citizens of FL vendors. Apparently, there had been a scoring error for this firm which has now been documented and recommendations have been made to add them to the list of approved vendors.

Here’s the information and a recent advertisement from this adjusting firm for those of you interested in applying. I’m not sure why their ad reads as if they will be handling all of the claims as I’ve verified with another Citizens selected vendor what the situation was.  I just found the wording “all of their staffing needs” a bit curious since there are 45 other selected vendors.

Here is the ad that Bradley Stinson and Associates  had up here. Their website is here.

Here is the Citizens Board of Govenors 9/20/07  information  here with the announcement.

Possibly someone alerted Citizens to my prior blogs (yeah right!) stating how disturbing that they were relying on 45 adjusting firms with 6,000 adjusters yet they had not even bothered to post on their job opportunities page the list of the vendors so independents would even know where to apply. Well they now have the list of the 45 vendors up on their adjuster resource tab(still nothing on the job opportunities page directing an independent to this information )and it’s still the original unprofessional list with adjusting firms names incorrect on the list and no contact information or website information for the adjusting firms. It frustrated me so much that I  spent atleast a week researching firms and processes and wrote a research paper on all 45 adjusting firms selected to provide information about each firm and even linked to each of their ads,websites, and emails adjusters were sharing with us as to what each firm was advertising for training conferences.The research paper also included lots of news articles in the papers around Florida and much task force information. If you’d like a copy so you don’t have to do all of the research yourself, just order a copy from our staffing firm where you can purchase a copy. ( Website info up on About page on this blog) 

 If you weren’t involved, you would be thoroughly disgusted as a Floridian or claim professional at the ever changing training they put all of the adjusters through as the training requirements and procedures changed regularly. They selected the vendors with no clear training path initially leading to a ridiculous amount of confusion for the selected vendors and for the independent adjusters. I think that is finally squared away as we’ve documented all the new reporting in the  forums  at ClaimSmentor for our participants. Here is also a link to the adjuster training link directly on the Citizens website you’ll find below. The Bradley Stinson ad mentions you can change your vendor selection on the training registration but I’d check with each vendor as information seems to differ from adjusting firm to adjusting firm if it’s anything like the initial training information and rounds of training conferences initially held BEFORE Citizens changed the procedure and presented the information to the vendors that they wanted given to the adjusters (they gave them I believe it was less than 2 weeks notice to do it with a deadline of 7/31 for the first 50% of their rosters…they have no clue apparently how independents work when it’s awful hard to commit to someone who has given you no work assignments!)

Also, here is a link they have up on their website for contract and they are showing adjusters as employees W2 status on this schedule. Without interviewing them yet, I don’t know if this applies to all adjusters or just daily. Interesting wording also on the fees for payment. Would you get the full 65% only if your out on cat assignments working overtime and only 40% on daily claims? I don’t know but you’ll want to check this out if you apply. Their site does read very professionally and they may be worth exploring for consideration for assignments. We had a blog a few weeks ago on this very question about whether you are an employee or an independent you might want to view here if you missed it.

Here’s a copy of the small window of information they atleast now have up under Adjuster Resources for independents:


Adjuster Resources

Looking to become an Independent Adjuster for Citizens? Citizens does not hire Independent Adjusters directly. You must be signed up with one of our approved firms. Please go to Awarded Competitive Solicitations for a list of firms we will use during the 2007 storm season.


And here is a link to the award announcement- if you compare the real names on my research paper with the way the names are listed on the announcement you’ll find it interesting the number of adjusting firm names with errors. Had I not been following each help wanted ad, I might never have found a few of the firms. Why they can’t list the website and phone numbers for each adjusting firm is beyond me. It doesn’t give me much faith in the professionalism of their claim handling abilities if they can’t even get a list of their selected vendors completed with accurate details an independent would need to locate them. I’m surprised the Bradley Stinson group hasn’t insisted that they get their name added to this list per the earlier link above that they’ve been added as independent adjusters aren’t going to know about the pdf document of the September Board of Govenors adding them. Come on Citizens…let’s get it together…please for the sake of all of your policyholders living in this great state!

Here are links to my prior blogs that included information about Citizens of FL and these events:

This link here is the blog on the update on Citizens training presented to the task force.

This link here is the blog about opportunities to work for the initial 45 vendors.

Here is a link to the blog here on Citizens claim reserve problem to the tune of 300 million!

Here is also a link to our former blog on Temporary Housing if anyone needs it that may be heading out to the panhandle to work storm losses. There were also many losses in the midwest yesterday so plenty of you may be needing temporary housing: 

Possibly they’ll be put to their first test this week due to today’s tornado damage in Pensacola, FL. Apparently according to friends and family, there was some significant damage to boats in marinas and the Cordova Mall area. Please note if your an adjusting firm viewing this blog that we have over 40 permanent experienced resident adjusters in the Pensacola-Panama City,FL area who would be more than glad to assist with claims on our Dimechimes Corporation rosters.

Here are links to a few of the Florida panhandle storm reports:

Here’s a Youtube video one of our moderator’s friends took of it:

And here’s the link to yesterday’s storm reports on NOAA (these will change after midnight to todays reports):

We’re hearing from local panhandle daily adjusters that the loss reports are coming in so hopefully many of you waiting on work will get the deployment calls.

For those of you who may be deploying on your first assignment whether cat or staff, here’s a great quote to take with you:
“I’m not afraid of storms
for I’m learning how to sail my ship.”

Louisa May Alcott, Author (1832-1888)

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