You Can’t Win a Fight with your Client by Tom Markert-Claim book review

I ran across this book You can’t win a fight with your Client at Barnes and Nobles the other day and it makes excellent reading for independent adjusting firm managers and independent adjusters.

Our client is the carrier and too many new independents miss the fact that we are here to service the carriers claims the way the carriers want them handled regardless of our perception of the “right” file requirements.(As long as the requests are ethical and meet good faith claim handling standards that is!). You can’t argue with the boss over file change request instructions. The bottom line is we as independents must service the insurance companies claims the way the insurance companies require to continue receiving assignments. I remember the days of adjusters coming back wanting to argue about why something needed to be changed when they didn’t want to take the time to make necessary revisions and the bottom line is no one has time to deal with this during a catastrophe….”just do it” and move on is the best advice as well as “pick your battles” and save heated discussions for other major issues. The boss wouldn’t take the time to send the file back and have to review the revision if they didn’t feel it was necessary to comply with later file audits or carrier instructions you might not have been aware were required. Just log your activity log with the request and move on to the next file closure.

Check this out while things are slow- it’s a very quick read and worth the time. The author, Tom Markert is on the board of directors for State Auto insurance company out of Ohio and knows our industry. Here’s a link to his biography and the book:

If your interested in other recommended books on claim customer service and getting along well with our most important client, the carrier, click on the August and September archives in the right column and read about” Dinosaur Brains” and other books we’ve blogged about like “Who Moved my Cheese” to help you improve relationships while working under stress on catastrophe claim operations.

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