New Developments in the EA Renfroe Rigsby Scruggs Whistleblower case

Here is a good update on the EA Renfroe, Rigsby sister, Scruggs case provided on the Insurance Coverage Blog providing an update of new details revealed in the case.

We had previously posted several blogs on this whistleblower case. If you missed them, you will find the links to them in our blog archives :

here, here, and here

I’ll post additional news on this update with any document links as I locate it this week as the majority of us in the property claim industry are following this very important case.


Update 10/16:

Here is the pdf for the reply filed by the special prosecutors against Scruggs that was filed:

And here’s a good new article on the updates:

2nd update 10/16/07- Here’s another great blog today with links to documents and more info on these new developments:

3 Responses to New Developments in the EA Renfroe Rigsby Scruggs Whistleblower case

  1. […] If you missed our 3 blogs on the Scruggs/EA Renfroe/Rigsby ongoing cases, here is a link to my earlier blogs which provide more specifics about the claim documents and allegations. You’ll find links to all previous blogs here on the subject by clicking on this link here. […]

  2. Dimechimes says:

    Here’s a good Wall Street Journal blog on the recent developments

    You will find other very interesting news in the 2nd Whistleblower Case that includes info on the Rigsby/ Renfroe/ State Farm case-see 10/17 Blog on our site on the Branch Consultant case dismissal which happened today.

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