Back up and running tomorrow!

October 10, 2007

Thank you all for your patience while we’ve been out dealing with a family emergency. We appreciate all of the emails and calls from fellow ClaimSmentor members and Dimechimes Corporation roster participants while we continue to be out dealing with this.

For those of you following our blog and not aware of the situation, my 32 year old daughter was notified about 10 days ago of a massive tumor on her spine which has destroyed both her tailbone and pelvic bone. We are awaiting the final results of the biopsy and surgery for removal of the tumor is tenatively scheduled for 10/31/07. This will be an extensive period of surgery and recovery involving removal of the tumor, radiation, and rebuilding destroyed bones which we’ve been told is a very rare type of tumor coming from within her tailbone rather than attached to the bone. Preliminary biopsy findings (they couldnt biopsy with needles but required surgery to remove a portion of the destroyed bone and tumor tissues) are good with no obvious signs of cancer as they led us to believe the 3 days leading up to the biopsy based on the MRI’s, Bone Scans, and other diagnostic tests thank goodness. They initially thought the shattered bones were eaten from cancer but after the operation for the biopsy, they found rather that the bones were shattered from the big cell benign (we hope) tumor looking for room to grow and it shattered her bones to do so. The unbelievable part is she had been to an emergency room a month before and told they found nothing wrong and have had her on pain meds telling her tailbones heal themselves,etc. Thank Goodness Vanderbilt Hospital ER in Nashville,TN ran an MRI when she went there a month later due to the continued pain.

Dimechimes Corporation offices are in the process of temporary relocation to Franklin, TN to be working from this location for the next six months or so to be near her. Your continued prayers are much appreciated. We also appreciate your understanding of any delays in responding to emails from new job applicants or from adjusters following up for work as we work through these issues. Our offices should be fully operational here in TN by next Tuesday. We staff nationwide and operating our main office from our TN location should not create any changes in meeting your staffing needs.