Tropics Active- Tropical Depression 11 forms – Hail in Phoenix,AZ?

September 23, 2007

Tropical Depression 11 is being monitored for development with reports indicating it may reach Tropical Storm status later today. Here is a link to the first advisory.

Ralph’s Tropical weather site is confirming what Fox news is saying that there are numerous other storms being monitored for development. Here is a link to Ralph’s weather site. It was last updated very late last night so check back for regular updates.

The news is also reporting golf ball size hail in Phoenix, AZ last night. The only thing I can find here on NOAA storm reports for yesterday is 1 report for Gila county with 1.75 size hail. There is also a report on there for hail in Fresno,CA. **update-Fox news weather is showing the golf ball size hail photos from Scottsdale, AZ. I couldn’t find anything in the local news reports in Phoenix or Scottsdale news.

We’ll update this later today as things develop. As far as TD 10 went, it made landfall next door in Ft Walton and we had absolutely no damage that I’m aware of in the panhandle.