Humberto makes landfall as Category 1 Hurricane- Damage links and stats and adjuster licenses

September 13, 2007

Fox news is reporting 1 fatality and over 100,000 without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Humberto’s landfall about 2-3 am near High Island, TX. It’s been a real surprise that Humberto progressed from a TD to Hurricane 1 status in the early hours this morning. Fox is showing video footage this morning of the damage in High Island.

 There are reports of a possible tornado near High Island. Reviewing reports on the population of the area, it appears to be about 500 and here’ s some stats on where this is located:

Galveston County, Texas Gulf Coast
Hwy 87 and Hwy 124 on the
Bolivar Peninsula
21 miles S of
47 miles S of
19 miles NE of Crystal Beach
26 miles NE of Port Bolivar
Population: 500
Here are two updated news reports out in the past few minutes about the one death and the power outages here and here.

Here’s a hurricane blog from Lake Charles, LA for further updates from the Louisiana area. Here is also a link to the state of LA Executive Emergency order. Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance does have some binding restriction notices posted yesterday here. Before you accept an assignment working their claims,  you might want to read these articles here , here,  and here on the financial records problems and other issues faced by this organization. It sure doesn’t seem that the $220K salary for the head of this group mentioned in this article is worth the hornet’s nest he walked into!

 Some of you may also find this blog humorous about one writer’s storm damage from Humberto which gave me a chuckle this morning.

Reports about Hurricane Humberto landfall from several sources this morning:

Reuters News

Beaumont News

Port Arthur News

Houston AP news

Checking the TX emergency management site, there have not been updates since about 8pm last night. This always drives me nuts as we have the same thing happen in FL for the most part where we can gather more  current news from the local press than the emergency management websites . The link is posted here anyway to check back for new updates. There is also nothing yet up on the Texas Windstorm Association news but here is the link to check back for updates on claims.

Here is the link for Texas emergency adjuster license information.

Here is the link for the Louisiana new 2007 adjuster license information and the emergency adjuster report form here.

Prior blogs here provide links for those of you deploying who may need temporary housing while this link provides information on billingual transcription services. We also hope those of you that are new take a few minutes to review this timely article by Mariposa LTD with great advice on Time Management when starting a storm and this blog by guest blogger Steve Ebner on Crisis Management while dealing with policyholders. It’s also important for new adjusters to remember how important agents are in the claims process so you might want to review our blog on agency and claim relationships here. Disaster communication and a discussion on throw away phone advice is here.

The latest 11am reports showing winds now at 63 mph can be viewed here and the projected path  and information on other tropical information here at Ralph’s and at Caribbean36o here.