Tropical Depressions 8 and 9- Humberto and Ingrid? / Standby Discussion -Commitment Discussion Continued

Today Tropical Depressions 8 and 9 have been announced. The next two named storms will be Humberto and Ingrid according to reports from the hurricane weather service. All reports are indicating they will be Tropical Storms in the next few hours.

Here are updated reports on the depression off the Texas coast from the Galveston weather news service and the Houston Chronicle. The Houston article indicates this tropical storm could bring up to 10 inches of additional rain on top of the 2 inches already experienced this morning. The Miami Herald provides a good update on the two storms here. Fox weather news today on tv reports indicates that while there is a “code of uncertainty” as to where the depression in the Mid Atlantic will go that there is a possibility of strengthening even to a major storm status within the next five days. Reports are also indicating on the Galveston link above that tropical storm warnings are placed from Port O’Connor,TX to Cameron, LA.

Here are a few of the other links I like to regularly check that provide other information. Ralph’s site has the best graphics showing in addition to these two depressions that 2 others are being watched. Here is the Caribbean 360 link that shows a good projected path on the Mid Atlantic storm. The National Hurricane center reports on both storms is here.

I’ll post this now while working in the background on the standby information so check back this afternoon for the continuing discussion on standby, ethics and commitments many new adjusters are interested in as they face decisions in the coming weeks about which firms to go with and they have many questions about what to tell firms calling them for standby.

6 Responses to Tropical Depressions 8 and 9- Humberto and Ingrid? / Standby Discussion -Commitment Discussion Continued

  1. Dimechimes says:

    Here is also a good Bloomberg energy report from late this evening giving info on the ports in Houston, rainfall expected in TX and LA

  2. Dimechimes says:

    The 11pm reports are showing Humberto has reached winds of 65 MPH:

  3. […] calls as we now hear of tropical depressions 8 and 9 in the gulf and the mid atlantic? Here is the link to today’s post on the storm information. Here is part 1 in this series on the commitment problem in the independent […]

  4. okclarryd says:

    Bring your galoshes, children. It’s gonna be a wet one

  5. Dimechimes says: is reporting the depression near TX is now TS Humberto:

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