ClaimSmentor and UCF’s Florida Insurance University form Sponsor Partnership

We are pleased and honored to announce agreement with the University of Central Florida’s Insurance University to a mutual sponsorship of our  education programs between their Florida Insurance University and ClaimSmentor.

Here is a link to their site with our ClaimSmentor banner ad. Watch for their banner ad up  shortly on our sponsors page here.

Dr Michael Birzon of UCF’s Florida Insurance University has been of great support to ClaimSmentor members providing updates regarding adjuster’s license information as there are new developments in Florida as well as clarifying questions participants have had on the new 2007 CE information (FL no longer sends out CE reminders) and the very confusing issue of self- appointments for independent adjusters in our ClaimSmentor forums.

The program at the University of Central FL provides online adjuster licensing courses which waive the FL exam for both resident and non resident adjuster licenses. They also provide continuing education classes for FL adjusters. Dr Birzon has been instrumental in helping clear the confusion on the TX license issue as we’ve run across many Florida residents who thought that the TX non resident license would apply to them since it is reciprocal with FL only to learn as a permanent resident in FL that the exam was not waived for them without taking the FL exam or the online course options. We do enjoy also following Dr Birzon’s regular updates on his blog here.

We hope you’ll take some time to review their website and see the many carriers they are associated with. We highly recommend their programs and CE courses for your adjuster licensing needs. You will find Dr Birzon very approachable should you have questions and need to contact him directly reqarding your FL licensing needs.

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