TS Gabrielle- East Coast Windpool and Emergency Licensing Information

September 8, 2007

Reports indicate tropical Storm Gabrielle off the East coast of the US is at about 45 mph. Fox news tv reports are stating it could reach minimum hurricane strength before making landfall. They do not mention it in this report issued after today’s 8am forecast which says it’s about 280 miles off of the coast from Cape Lookout, NC. Here is a visable satelitte loop off of Cape Hatteras to take a look at the storm. This discussion model indicates that tropical storm warnings may be issued later today. This report on the local storm forecast from Charleston,SC indicates that they expect storm warnings for GA and southeast SC to be cancelled later today as the storm remains out to sea while this report from NC states there will be little flooding.

This doesn’t look like it will be a big weather event for adjusters. We have previously posted information on ClaimSmentor about emergency adjuster licensing and the windpool information for the coastal areas of SC, NC, and VA as well as information on the adjusting firms working claims for these windpools as well as emergency adjuster license information for these states. We will update this blog late tonight or early tomorrow if there are significant changes in the storm or expected flooding situation for these east coast states so check back by 10am Sunday for updates on the state windpools and emergency adjuster licensing information you will need if it appears there may be a need for independent adjusters.