Next Homeowner Additional Living Expense Training Class begins 9/11/07

September 4, 2007

We are receiving additional requests from new adjusters for Additional Living Expense training on ClaimSmentor.

We have scheduled our next class to begin 9/11/07. This is a two night class held LIVE online in our LIVE Classroom in our forumsat ClaimSmentor. You must register for ClaimSmentor membership. Once registered on our site, you can register for the class in our forums once we return your login id to participate. All registration/website links can be found on the About page here on the blog.

All participants will receive our Additional Living Expense Self Study guide and ALE excel worksheet for your use in practice sessions and use handling losses upon registration for the class. This will be pre-class reading homework with a short Q & A pre-class homework assignment. The first assignment will be posted in our forums on 9/8/07 and is due by noon on the 1st day of class on 9/11/07. Class will be held LIVE online from 6-9pm CST on 9/11/07 and 9/13/07. There will be a 2nd pre-class reading and homework assignment to be completed the evening between classes on 9/12/07. All homework will be posted in the forums.

All participants completing the program will receive a certificate upon completion for Additional Living Expense training for this 10 hour course ( 6 hours live online/ 4 hours of pre-class reading and homework).

Additional Living Expense claim handling procedures are MUCH MORE than telling an insured to “get a hotel and save your hotel and meal receipts”. That will get more new adjusters in huge trouble when possible ALE limits are exceeded and you have not properly advised an insured regarding coverages and options for assisting them in the Additional living expense needs. Our course covers  generally accepted carrier guidelines for handling all ALE expenses. Review of any ALE insuring agreement reveals very little information carrier settlement guidelines and  procedures for handling and settling ALE claims so don’t go out on assignment assuming you can “wing” it.

If you do not have time to attend the class and prefer self study, you can also purchase the study guide using the BUY SUBSCRIPTION link inside our forums. If you are a non member, you can purchase the self study guide on our staffing firm website. (See About page here on blog for info)

Our ClaimSmentor Roots and Wings Training program also includes many other program options for a 40 hour Fundamentals of Claims Course, Contents Claim handling training, Fl Condo loss training, and other courses as needed for our members all in a LIVE online classroom environment where adjusters are free to ask any questions during the class. These classes can also be presented out in the field for adjusting firms, insurance carriers, and agency field groups…just email us should you be interested in presenting these courses to new adjusters on your rosters.