Tee off at your own risk, CA court rules…but don’t forget the great contacts you can meet while playing golf

September 3, 2007

Labor day weekend was a great time for many adjusters to enjoy one of their favorite sports…golf.

I thought this was a great time to bring up a few recent articles on the subject. All adjusters know it is rare for a claim conference not to include a golf tournament. Here is a great article by CNN Money titled “Must I play golf to get ahead” that I think provides some great advice!

We talk talk talk about resumes, rosters, deployments and don’t bring up how important informal social network groups are to our careers. I think you’ll find some interesting statistics in this CNN article. You can find so many other opportunities for social networking in the claims adjusting community through activities at your local Claims Association meetings, through forums such as ours at ClaimSmentor, and Claim Conferences such as the annual NACA January convention for catastrophe adjusters.

We came across this recent CA Supreme Court  case involving State Farm which states:

“Being struck by a carelessly hit ball is an inherent risk of the sport,” the justices declared Thursday”

This case was applicable to injuries to other golfers and alludes to coverage to non participants.

I didn’t have time today to locate many internet cases on golf ball accidents to car windshields, home windows knocked out from the course,etc but I know I for one paid many such liability cases or damage to property of other cases (DPO)over the years! Just check the policy provisions for the carrier involved if assigned such a  case.as well as state law applicable to your case. Here is an interesting article on home ownership near a golf course and things to avoid. I never realized how much damage golf balls can cause to a home until a good friend of mine became distressed due to the constant new damage to her home causing her to finally sell it a year or two after purchase. Here is another good article on errant golf balls and also discusses “trespass” issues and golf hazards as well as this article discussing liability for the golf course itself for errant balls. Here is another interesting article about cases in MA for property damage to adjoining residents property.

Hey, we already knew that! Adjusters are very familiar with the damage that “golf ball size hail” creates! If you’ve never reviewed NOAA’s official hail size descriptions, golf ball size hail is described as 1.75 inches in diameter. ( Just some interesting “golf” trivia that has nothing of course to do with the CA case!)

If your new in claims, or an adjuster who happens to be a  new golfer, you might want to read this Rough Notes guide on golf cart liability coverage and exclusions while your thinking about taking up the game. Here is also an example of property damage coverage on golf carts in an ISO 2000 program with options for endorsement ISO HO 0528 for property coverage while other HO package policies may cover the cart itself. Some folks consider a floater policy specifically scheduling their golf equipment as shown in this article.Here is also an interesting article covering what kind of coverage a golf course program must consider to insure the golf course grounds and buildings. There is also a great expense put out by firms hosting the golf tournaments for insurance and awards..just look around this site as one example!

We maintain a running “Comprehensive Equipment” list on ClaimSmentor for new adjusters outlining everything they need to bring with them on their first storm with the input of our participants.We even had an interesting entry from one adjuster that buys hard golf club cases at the local thrift stores for transporting some of his cat adjuster equipment to storm duty using them to store office supplies such as tape, staplers, tape measures, etc. as he can easily move them to hotel rooms from his vehicle. You can never underestimate the mind of a cat adjuster trying to figure out alternative ways to move a mass amount equipment needed into a small truck or car for storm duty!

We hope everyone had a great labor day weekend. If you missed our blog on some interesting info on Labor  day and the 12 hour days/ 7 days a week work hours in the late 1800’s that lead to some of the Labor day unions, read here. Very interesting to note that in 2007 insurance companies are requiring those very hours from catastrophe adjusters!

Hurricane Felix-Category 5- Info about working claims in the Honduras

September 3, 2007

We had discussed the need for claims adjusters to be flexible in accepting assignments in our “Who Moved my Claims Cheese Blog” and our blog on  “Are  Independent adjusters Fungible Billing Units” due to the ever changing work environment in the insurance claims industry. If adjusters aren’t being flexible in considering new assignments, they are going without work in 06 and 07.

Adjusters are presently considering such options as working in Mexico for Hurricane Dean and now with Hurricane Felix as a Category 5, there will be others considering working in the Honduras and other Central American locations with damages. We previously supplied information on working in Mexico in this blog and had our blog on Billingual translation services here. Below is information needed to consider working in Honduras is provided. It is very interesting exploring some of these rare opportunities to work overseas as adjusters consider doing so due to the lack of claim assignments in the US.  

Here is the latest 8 am report on the projected path of Hurricane Felix- now a Category 5 heading towards the Honduras. I’ve also included many facts and figures an adjuster would need to know before agreeing to accept assignments from an adjusting firm to work claims.


Honduras has a population of approximately 6.8 million people. Reports linked to below indicates that about 2/3rds of the population there lives in poverty. Please be sure to read the safety warnings for women and others working there as well as the health and safety warnings on water and other food issues linked to below. The last major hurricane in Honduras in 1998, Hurricane Mitch, caused 11,000 deaths and damaged major roads, bridges, and infrastructure as show in this report:


Here is another report on the damages caused by Hurricane Mitch in 98 with different damage figures showing less deaths, more injuries, and states almost 1/4th of the population suffered damage (1.5 million damaged of 6 million or so in population):


Here is also a Honduras blog that shows some flooding there after Dean which will be interesting to watch after Felix goes through to see reports of damage:


9/3/07: Hurricane Felix approaching Honduras:


Info on working in Honduras:

Honduras Facts-Population,Language,etc-Population 6.8 million people


US State Dept-Honduras Info:


US Embassy in Honduras:


Security warnings for travel in Honduras from US Embassy:


US Services through Honduras US Embassy:


US Passport info from Honduras:


Travel Document System-US-Honduras relationships and info:


Minimum wage and Welfare of Workers in Honduras:


Info on filing US taxes on info there:


Honduras this Week News link:


Emergency Financial Services to an American overseas:


Two Insurance Law firms in Honduras:



Warning to US Buyers about buying real estate in Honduras:


MIT Flood Safe Project in Honduras:


Maps of Honduras:


The People of Honduras:


Best Airfares to Honduras:


Honduras currency and discussion on use of ATM’s there:


Renting a car/ Car insurance in Honduras:


Food/Water/Airlines within Honduras/ Hotels in Honduras:


More Hotel info on islands there:


Honduras Bay Island Hotel info:


Safety advice for women traveling in Honduras/medical treatment/gang violence


2007 Crime and Safety report in the Honduras:


Visas and Shots recommended for going to Honduras:


High Speed Internet Services in Honduras:


Internet and phone service in Honduras:


Info on Cellphone coverage in Honduras:


More info on the GSM 850 MHz phones:


Here’s an updated report from 9/4/07 5am. Reports on many weather stations say it may regain Cat 5 status just prior to landfall: