Hurricane Felix – updated 9pm 9/2/07-Category 5

September 1, 2007

We received our first notice of TS Felix about 5pm 8/31/07.

Here are some of the less visited weather sites providing updates with more information:

This entry from the website does indicate it will be a hurricane passing near the Grenadine Islands:

This storm watch from Claims Pages has a good view of the projected path and info in their 8am reports:

The visuals on this site are the best but the author is on vacation until the 3rd but I’m posting it here to check back for regular updates next week. There are links to many other hurricane sites also on this link to check in the meantime:

This Fox news update indicates TS warnings are being issued in Netherland Antilles and Aruba:,2933,295475,00.html

If your looking for vendors working down there and missed our  blog with that information, here is a link to it. Here is also a link to our blog on billingual services adjusters going down may need.

**Update 9/2/07 8am now Hurricane Felix has winds up to 100mph (Category 2) here’s the latest computer models

Here’s the 8 am advisory:

8pm CST -Felix is now a Category 5- appears heading for Mexico