Hurricane Dean – Info on Adjusting firms working in Mexico, Misc adjuster needs in Mexico

We’ve done a bit of research for those of you asking for information on working losses in Mexico due to Hurricane Dean making landfall in Mexico. While we are not yet staffing for a firm planning to work there, we have done some initial research for adjusters on firms that do work there.

We also include links on visas, work permits, auto insurance needs, internet services you will need and cell phone coverage information. We’ll do additional checking tomorrow should the need arise for additional information and will post it in reply to this topic. Should you have additional information for adjusters wishing to work in Mexico on Hurricane Dean claims, please provide reply comments below we’ll post to aid in their search for work on Hurricane Dean losses. For example, I was not able to locate information on estimatic software used while adjusting claims, book value guides for Mexico which might be helpful to auto adjusters, and a few major other items such as Errors and Omissions coverage for adjusters going over, workers comp coverage issues while working there, and Mexico insurance adjuster license requirements. We’d appreciate any details our readers can provide. Here are the links you may wish to view if your considering assignments:

First see this article which says US Insurance adjusters can’t go to Mexico to adjust claims so tells RV owners to drive their RV to nearest point in US for inspection:

Crawford and Company- Mexico location contact info

Cunningham Lindsey Mexico Contact Info

GAB Robins-handles claims in US and Mexico:

Coast Claims

Jeremy Bellemy Adjusting Co

Risk Mexico

Spencer Claim Service

Claim Service Guide with contact information- may be able to locate adjusting firms here: (Also see Legal guide on this site.

Mexico Insurance Professionals out of AZ may be able to provide some adjusting firm names:

Temporary Vehicle permits needed to go beyond 15 miles of border- Link to order permit online:

What personal things are you allowed to bring in

Pemex Gasoline only allowed in Mexico

Passport / Permit info for Mexico

Passport needed if flying/ permit if driving:

Frontier Airlines- to 7 Mexico Cities from 13 US Locations

Excellent advice on Auto Insurance needs if going to Mexico:

Driving in Mexico and your US Insurance may not cover you- FAQ:

Tips for Driving in Mexico:

FAQ- Can you take a rental car from US to Mexico:

Work Permits to work in Mexico

Mexican Visas

Summary of differences in Auto and Property policies in Mexico vs US coverage

Sample of a Mexico policy for auto coverage

US Consulant General Mexico- More info on VISAS/Work permits

TN Visas for Mexican and Canadian Disaster Insurance Adjusters

Mexico Business Visitors rules

HIgh Speed Internet Providers in Mexico

Cell phone coverage in Mexico

US Consulate- Travel Accommodation Guidelines for Mexico June 2007


Here is the latest Bloomberg report put out just after midnight with lots of facts and info on the territories and population in Mexico where the eye wall is approaching now:

Thank you to Claims Magazine Managing Editor, Eric Gilkey for requesting to link to this blog entry in their breaking news feature here:

9/1/07- Update- here is another contact for adjusters on another firm operating in Mexico:

Mexico City

Felipe Ramírez
Orizaba 32
Col. Roma Norte
Del. Cuauhtemoc
Mexico City
C.P 06700
+52 55 3000 1880
+52 55 3000 1889

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  1. […] your looking for vendors working down there and missed our  blog with that information, here is a link to it. Here is also a link to our blog on billingual services adjusters going down may need. […]

  2. Dimechimes says:

    Special Thanks to Claims Magazine managing editor, Eric Gilkey for requesting to post a link to this blog entry. Here is a link to the Claims Magazine breaking news story referring to this article:

  3. lgoodson says:

    This is incredibly awesome Deb. Thank you for taking this time. I wouldn’t have know where to begin to get all this great information!
    Gotta go. Lots of informative reading to do here. Thank you

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