Billingual Adjusters in Big Demand! Please update your resume if applicable! Translation services for others listed

August 17, 2007


Billingual Adjusters in Big Demand

While I haven’t had time for a blog entry today, I wanted to remind adjusters that their Billingual skills are very important to carrier and adjusting firms. We have approximately 100 adjusters who have commented on it on their resume.

If you have billingual skills and that is not on your resume, please resend your resume asap to and put Billingual in the subject field with your last name and state then make sure your resume includes your billingual information. Please make sure you have read our blog entry on adjusters resumes here before submitting information required for consideration.

You’d be amazed at how much that can increase your odds of deploying in some territories not only with our firm but with adjusting firms and carriers.We received a staffing request in 2005 that requested we deploy all licensed adjusters whether experienced or not that were billingual. The inexperienced were used in the adjusting firm and carriers offices as interpreters.

Should you not have billingual skills, you might find some of these services helpful if your adjusting firm does not have services available when communicating with an insured that does not speak English .Many experienced adjusters also advise they will hire local temps to travel with them to appointments to act as interpreters. Trainee adjusters- this may be the perfect opportunity for you to train with an experienced field adjuster by offering your billingual translation services as you ride along with them for training.

Translate text to spanish /other languages

Translate entire web page to other languages

*This was most interesting- try entering a web address in and watch it turn the site into another language!

Adjusting firms can add a link to Babel Fish that a customer can click on to interpret their website in many languages

English to Spanish translation dictionary

To transcribe a recorded statement spanish/english/others

Dial an Interpreter Service through AT and T

*I’ve used this before on claims has many commonly used forms  and pattern letters in Spanish

If you look on the Products and Services tab- this can be used by individuals who have infrequent needs (listed as personal service) and also another plan for businesses such as independent adjusting firms under the business plan.

We’ll add others next week. We hope everyone has a great weekend! See you Monday!

Please add comments in reply if you have other advice or contacts for billingual services to share..thanks!