Temporary Housing Links for Adjusters- Temporary Housing options/Additional Living Expense training

August 15, 2007

We have been reporting on temporary housing options in our ClaimSmentor forums. We want to share these links on Temporary Housing Agencies extracted from the exhibitor booth lists for the PLRB conferences this year.

Dean is expected to reach Category 3 status within 5 days according to the 5 day hurricane predictions so it isn’t too early to start thinking about YOUR housing needs and possible housing options for policyholders on their additional living expense claims. We hope you will find these links useful. Here is also a good website to check on TS Dean while it’s in the Caribbean: http://www.caribbean360.com/News/Weather/Stories/2007/08/14/NEWS0000004755.html

Just remember, if you are considering apartments or rentals where utilities must be connected by you that you may experience delays. In the FL panhandle during Ivan and Dennis, new utility services took a back seat to restoring utilities to existing customers. It’s always best to locate a furnished unit that has utilities included in the rent so you don’t encounter this problem when possible.

Able Mobile Housing, Inc.
Tom Lackey
11780 Northfall Lane
Suite 303
Alpharetta, GA 30004
800-273-5774;  800-273-5774;  Fax 800-283-3774
http://www.ablehousing.com;   tom@ablehousing.com
Temporary mobile homes, park models, double wides, travel trailers, and mobile offices. We deliver to the insured’s home-site, complete set up. Furnished or unfurnished homes.

ALE Solutions, Inc.
Rowena Zimmers
One West Illinois St., #300
St. Charles, IL 60174
630-513-6434;  866-885-9785;  Fax 866-814-6832
http://www.alesolutions.com;   rowena.zimmers@alesolutions.com

The preferred nationwide temporary housing company for displaced policyholders. Our consultative approach helps both the adjuster and the family avoid cost drivers and pitfalls throughout the relocation process
Assured Relocation
Legia Oswald
50 Woodside Plaza
Suite 441
Redwood City, CA 94061
888-670-9700;  888-670-9700;  Fax 888-233-9752
http://www.assuredrelocation.com;   legia@assuredrelocation.com
Assured Relocation provides fully furnished housing customized to the unique needs of the policyholder and adjuster nationwide. Our phones are answered by trained relocation specialists 24/7.

CRS Temporary Housing
Fawn Cheng
10851 N. Black Canyon Highway
Suite 700
Phoenix, AZ 85029
800-968-0848;  800-968-0848;  Fax 800-659-2727
http://www.crstemphousing.com;   fcheng@crstemphousing.com
We are a leader because of our innovative solutions for the industry. Try us for outstanding service, quick response times, and unique management tools.

DMA Insurance Housing Assistants
Ryan Dinsmore
140 Marine View Ave.
Suite 218
Solana Beach, CA 92075
858-350-4660;  800-550-1911;  Fax 858-350-4654
http://www.dmahousing.com;   rdinsmore@dmahousing.com
Temporary housing for the unique needs of the Insurance Industry. Providing National Service for A.L.E / L.O.U Claims.

IHS Housing
Shari Tillotson
P.O. Box 508
Victor, NY 14564
877-500-3590;  877-500-3590;  Fax 877-259-8209
http://www.ihshousing.com;   sharit@ihshousing.com
IHS Housing offers full service temporary housing without the high costs of our competition. Please stop by our booth and ask how we do it!

Klein & Co. Corporate Housing Services Inc.
Karen Schuster
914 Washington Ave.
Suite 230E
Golden, CO 80401
303-796-2100;  800-208-9826;  Fax 303-796-2101
http://www.kleinandcompany.com;   k.schuster@kleinandcompany.com
Klein & Co. is the first choice for your stress free, nationwide, temporary housing needs. We specialize in placing your policyholders in a safe and comfortable environment.

Marriott ExecuStay Ins. Housing Solutions
Kelly Cockrell
3130 Balfour Road
PMB 260
Brentwood, CA 94513
800-990-9292;  800-990-9292;  Fax 800-990-3271
http://www.marriottinsurancehousing.com;   kelly.cockrell@marriott.com
Choose Marriott ExecuStay for a fast and professional solution when disaster strikes. Our experienced team will provide you with a comprehensive solution for your national temporary housing needs.

Oakwood Worldwide
Toni Andell
2222 Corinth Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
310-444-2345;  866-249-9675;  Fax 877-336-2596
http://www.oakwood.com;   insurance@oakwood.com

For 45 years, Oakwood has provided exceptional value in temporary housing for insurance policyholders, catastrophe teams and employees to meet our clients’ global needs.

Oakwood Worldwide
Toni Andell
2222 Corinth Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
310-444-2345;  866-249-9675;  Fax 877-336-2596
http://www.oakwood.com;   insurance@oakwood.com

For 45 years, Oakwood has provided exceptional value in temporary housing for insurance policyholders, catastrophe teams and employees to meet our clients’ global needs.

Relocation Housing Specialists
Travis Sumners
1337 Howe Avenue
Suite #104
Sacramento, CA 95825
916-332-2804;  800-690-0070;  Fax 916-641-0148
http://www.rhstemphousing.com;   travis@rhstemphousing.com
Specialists in customer service, completely itemized billing, flexibile accommodations, free fair rental values, cost savings, online access, customized solutions for policyholders and CAT adjusters, 24/7.

Temporary Accommodations
Keri Dennis
6 Piedmont Center
Suite 411
Atlanta , GA 30305
941-685-3324;  800-548-5196;  Fax 404-264-8557
http://www.TemporaryAccommodations.Net;   kdennis@temporaryaccommodations.net
Temporary Accommodations, is proudly celebrating 10+ years of service to the insurance industry and its displaced policyholders by providing the fastest, most convenient, cost effective, and comfortable temporary housing.

http://www.temporaryhousingdirectory.com;   Teresa@temp-housing.net
Temporary Housing Directory is the first company to bring together the full service solution of nationwide hotel placements (with no added fees) and furnished housing to one point of contact.


Should you prefer to do your own research, here are some links to nationwide apartment rental guides for longer assignments:




This is an excellent link found on www.Claimspages.com for Temporary housing and the few I looked at included temporary corporate housing and rv rental links too :


www.Claims-Portal.com has a “Housing-Temporary” category on their vendor directory where you can search by city,zip,etc here:


RV Rentals Nationwide




RV Park Directories





To locate housing with other roommates:




Here is a good link for per diem rates for your housing/expense allowances:



Feel free to share these links with others in the adjusting community by clicking on the title to this blog entry and forwarding it to them.

If you are a newer adjuster and need a great Additional Living Expense excel sheet for use on claims and Additional Living expense training, we have an excellent self study guide available.

We offer online LIVE training which includes this self study guide in our classes on ClaimSmentor as part of our 40 hour Fundamentals class and as a stand alone class in two evening sessions. Additional living expense is one component of claims that is often handled inadequately by adjusters. It is far from acceptable to just tell an insured to go get a hotel and save their receipts for hotel and meals. You need to know how to evaluate their circumstances and make the best cost effective decisions for them and for the carrier. You need only to examine  the very limited insuring agreements in homeowner policies to see you will find very limited guidance on handling these losses. You need to understand when it is best to recommend hotels, long term corporate housing, leases, and rental units. There are many other issues such as ALE advances, ALE carrier generally accepted claim handling guidelines, and how to control these expenses. Policies differ on ALE coverage terms such as number of months covered or if they are tied in to a percentage of other policy limits. If you do not understand these procedures, consider registering at ClaimSmentor and taking our course or at minimum purchasing the Additional Living Expense self study guide above. Adjusters taking our class are amazed to learn how quickly they can lose control on ALE expenses had they not trained properly to handle these losses. Some ALE provisions have limits based on time while other provisions allow a fixed dollar limit or percentage of another policy limit.  Many ALE policies do have a dollar limit and you do need to know how to help an insured maximize how  they can  help their family meet those needs within those limits when applicable. Many insureds aren’t aware of the wide variety of options they can use to control expenses given their unique circumstances after a loss.

Staff Claim managers I speak with site poor claim handling on ALE losses and contents claim handling (“we can use our own support staff to add up receipts if that is all that is involved” is the common comment we hear) as a good part of  the reason for the unbelievable growth in staff claim central operations which only allow independents to handle building scopes and damage on limited assignments. Let’s work to improve that negative image!

If you’ve never heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs  motivational management philosophy, you should take a minute to read it. Here is a link to the hierarchy pyramid with a good explanation of man’s need first for their biological and physiological needs to be met before they can proceed to other activities in life. Funny, I really liked the theory and find it applicable to so many issues in life. When taking the Management course as part of  the CPCU program series, I used the theory frequently when asked to state a management theory that applied to a problem stated in a question. Basically, it says you cannot motivate people until you take care of their concerns in a given order or “hierarchy of needs”. Housing and safety concerns are at the top of the list. I’ve never understood why carriers and adjusting firms are not more proactive in helping independents locate housing (some great firms do try to block hotel rooms for independent adjusters on new storms). An adjuster also needs to have their housing taken care of before they can proceed to properly service storm losses. I would love to see communities help fill their needs by allowing use of vacant campus housing, church housing facilities and the other great programs out there to meet emergency housing for other groups such as utility firms and emergency service options. Independents are the “forgotten crowd” when it comes to emergency housing needs. Hopefully, more adjusting firms will be proactive in developing pre disaster housing information for their adjusters. If nothing else, you can click on the title to this article and share it with your adjusters!

 It is not appropriate as an adjuster to march into an insured’s home in your haste to meet quotas and progress through scoping and addressing building damages with the exception of emergency repairs before you provide information regarding their additional living expense needs. Insureds number one concern is additional living expense advances and coverage before they give one darn about what you have to say about their building estimate. Put them at ease and cover this first. They need to know their family is taken care of for temporary housing, meals and other extra expenses covered under ALE provisions on severe losses causing their home to be uninhabitable from a covered loss. We hope our guides will help you if you need  a better understanding of adjusting additional living expense claims. 

Other news in the temporary housing market that might interest you are these articles:

New Lowes “Katrina housing” as an alternative to FEMA trailers. Click here to see the article. Here is also another link for plan Katina cottage plan options. A participating adjuster on ClaimSmentor advised she had the opportunity to view these cottages too while in New Orleans that are put out by Home Depot. She thinks the firm linked to was the exclusive builder of these cottages for Home Depot.

Fema trailers have made the news quite a bit lately with suit recently filed over the toxic issues. Here are a few of the most recent articles:

Fema has “Fire sale auctions”- MSNBC article.

Fema offers to Buy Back Fema trailers –click here for article

Emergency Medical unit buys one at significant price reduction-click here for article

Insurance Journal article with instructions for an insured to buy back a Fema trailer-here

Associated Press article- group suing Fema trailer manufacturers-here

These new suits and policies of FEMA may further increase your need to understand housing options for insureds if there is a decrease in available options for them this season due to these increasing health concerns as problems with Fema trailers come to light.

Be safe out there this season in your travels as hurricane season is ramping up. Plan for your living needs before you depart from home so you don’t encounter many problems adjusters incur when they just “wing it”. Take these few days before TS Dean makes landfall and look into some of these housing options for you and insureds you may be dealing with. Many insureds and adjusters rely on classified ads where everyone else is searching. We hope these options assist you in meeting your needs as well as the insureds you serve. It’s important that you obtain your managers permission before recommending, authorizing, or securing temporary housing for an insured so make it a priority to determine the carrier position on these options before implementation.