Update on Citizen FL training direct from Citizens to the task force!

It has been virtually impossible to stop today to fit in a new blog entry but I do need to take the time to share some links with you on the pre-orientation training with Citizens.

I don’t need to tell the adjusters out here the mass confusion there has been over the pre-orientation training and the 45 vendors training they were required to put on prior to getting their lists of the 50% of their rosters in to Citizens by what we thought was the 7/31/07 deadline. The confusion lies in the fact some vendors are requiring you take THEIR training and some will accept verification of training from any of the 45 vendors. Having taken one that lasted less than 30 minutes, I can assure you all training is NOT equal. I am thankful to be associated with a few of the knowledgeable vendor managers and will keep my fingers crossed they are the first firms out so our friends and neighbors claims do get handled appropriately.

I posted about the communication gaps between Citizens Insurance of FL and the independent adjusters with some suggestions to clear this up in an earlier blog here and also mentioned Citizens of FL here in this blog also.

The news we just located comes from posts on the Citizens of FL task force documents posted 8/1/07 outlining yet again NEW plans for adjuster training. We had also previously mentioned atleast in our Citizens FL independent research paper that the Citizens FL reports to the task force showed they were planning adjuster certification or atleast goals for the same by March 2008. We have also had a participating ClaimSmentor member get a reply email shared with us yesterday from Citizens directly about the training confusion which basically states they are not requiring it multiple times from each vendor but it is up to the vendor to decide if they will accept you on their roster or not without their training. For now, the links are below and I’ll get back to some additional comments on this in the next few days:


This update was written on 8/01—
The comments in this link, on the first paragraph on page 3 ,seem absurd to accept emailed file documents from adjusters they will upload in their system. We are talking about 1.3 million policies and 6,000 plus adjusters planned for a major storm. That circumvents the entire purpose of using a CMS system where documents are uploaded immediately from the field into the file by adjusters so everyone who needs access to them can view them 24/7…not getting lost in emails where no one knows whose got the documents. Hopefully, they didn’t mean to include adjusters in those comments for agents? It’s been a repeated complaint by adjusters who have worked there about their files getting lost. I hear about it often from adjusters with my staffing firm. Maybe someone needs to tell them about fantastic CMS systems out there such as Click Claims (www.clickclaims.com) which won the 2006 AM Best award for claim systems which provide not only outstanding CMS systems for the adjusting firms but allows 24/7 interaction with the carrier to pull down approved documents! The article does say they have  a CMS system so  most  firms  would not circumvent those procedures to allow email documents which always causes your worst customer service nightmare.

There are other important updates also in this new task force document pertaining to PA’s, statute of limitations, monitoring of adjusters…claim info you need to read here:


We really want to support the 45 vendors selected to handle Citizens FL losses. We are trying to do our part as Floridians involved in claims to support the needs of the citizens of FL by helping  get the word out on training locations since Citizens  Insurance of FL did not publish it. We want to prepare adjusters to service claims here in our state if another major storm strikes but I have to say it becomes more difficult each and every passing day seeing the fiasco over just getting them the required training. Oh well…atleast everyone knows how they should dress now after seeing the training tape with the pretty picture of the dress code…..if that didn’t beat it all. We received a copy of  one vendors email from adjusters the other day which said to “send your updated info to our Human Rights department” instead of Human Resources department…now that is pretty scary if we can’t have professionals supporting the claim departments before a storm has even hit.

We have copies of all training ads and links to all the vendors websites and job postings they have done . Should anyone still need them, you can locate the link to the self study material on the training link at www.dimechimes.com. That independent research material contains much more than the vendor links but links to much other material you should be familiar with before handling the claims here for you to avoid the fines adjusting firms are to face as listed in RFP’s and task force documents. The independent research also includes links to major news stories around the state and activities going on around the state involving Citizens FL coverages.


We’ll continue trying to pass on important information to you as we may receive additional vendor contracts for staffing as time goes on and want to help you make sure you’ve obtained the required classes so you can deploy. Don’t assume it’s the same as in prior years as things have very much changed in requirements to deploy this year.

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