Fl requires HMO’s and Insurers to offer Health Insurance to self employed during August 2007

It is often difficult for Independent adjusters to secure much needed health insurance coverage.

Fl offers OPEN ENROLLMENT which requires insurers and HMO’s  offer coverage without regard to your health status during the month of August for small groups, self employed, and independent contractors as outlined in the articles below.

Here are two articles you can view from the Sun Sentinel news here and the Emerald Coast news article here. You can also locate a list of the carriers and HMO’s offering this open enrollment opportunity on this coverage  here.

We hope you will share this information with your fellow Florida adjusters and adjusting firms so they don’t miss this excellent opportunity.

Our hearts and prayers are with the victims of yesterday’s MN bridge accident. If any of you are selected to work the auto accident claims with your adjusting firms, please be safe in your travels while there. It is always gut wrenching to work  auto or property claims involving human tragedy such as this.

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