Where have all the claim files gone …long time passing?

August 1, 2007

How many of you remember Peter, Paul, and Mary’s song “Where  have all the flowers gone….long time passing”? Here are the lyrics if you are too young to remember it. We hear the adjusters version of this regularly after the almost non existent storm season of 2006 and the slow 2007 season in their version of “where have all the claim assignments gone…long time passing”. There are cycles in the claims business just as we have cycles in life shown in this song. The problem is, we as adjusters,  are used to the field versus in office cycles and not such drastic changes in file assignment numbers.

It’s not just your imagination. Here are some 2nd quarter report figures from some important organizations now that the statistics are coming along for the end of the past quarter. First, we have the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies(NAMIC) reporting that ISO statistics show it’s the second lowest number of catastrophes in a 2nd quarter in the past 10 years in this report. You can also see the Crawford and Company 2nd quarter press release here also reporting a significant drop in 2007 US losses.

In our claim version of this tune, we hear of those gone on to the FL My Safe home Project as inspectors and some who attempted to work in the LA Road2LA program who didn’t fair as well as stories like this one shows they faced some of the same non payment issues that some adjusters have experienced. We have adjusters nationwide attending the 45 selected vendors pre-orientation meetings as the first 50% of their roster lists had to be in 7/31/07  to Citizens of FL while many others have taken their NFIP, CEA, and carrier certifications at the yearly conferences for so many adjusting firms. It’s always nice to hear from fellow adjusters on some great daily assignments they’ve picked up after being selected to stay for carrier clean up activities then given the opportunity to remain to work some daily claims for the carriers too. That alone goes to show it does serve you and your adjusting firm well when you do a professional job on assignments. Some of my favorite adjusters keep me up to date on their activities including travel to London to work flood assignments while I hear from another about working claims for banks and those doing underwriting inspections also.

Hopefully, we’ll all be singing a new tune..my favorite catastrophe adjuster song “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson soon as claim activity picks back up with the approaching peak of hurricane season. We certainly don’t wish harm or damage to anyone but catastrophe adjusters are a dedicated group of individuals ready to serve the public when the inevitable does occur!

We hope any readers who are policyholders will come to appreciate their struggles, training preparation activities, and strengths as you follow our new blog! There has been entirely enough bad press about adjusters in the wake of Katrina and entirely too little press about the sacrifices these adjusters make in their personal lives to travel nationwide to handle claims for our US citizens. They do not create policies but are often shot as the messenger while delivering sometimes bad news on coverage issues such as the wind and water debates from hurricane damage. Let’s work with them this year and realize that just as a dentist or doctor must deliver bad news to us…so are adjusters required to. It is much easier for them to provide coverage than deny coverage but they must fulfill the terms and conditions of the insurance contract in force at the time of loss as well as follow carrier directives on loss handling guidelines.

See you soon… for now…..I’m on the road again……………or was I off to check to see where have all the flowers have gone?