Adjusting firms offering opportunities to work Condominium Claims

Is your background working residential homeowner claims only? You might want to expand into specialization  handling condominium master policy claims and condo unitowner claims.

We’ve been watching recent developments with adjusting firms offering positions for adjusters to work as interior estimators and damage scopers for their firms. Essentially from speaking with 2 firm owners this past week, they place a team leader in charge of the claim file who is responsible for overseeing file requirements are met and that there is consistency is the estimating process between estimators in the various interior units, buildings, and common element areas. They are then assigning teams of estimators to do the actual line by line estimate entries using macros to enhance the estimating process for a more prompt conclusion to the file.

Adjusters can quickly lose control of a claim involving condominium complexes. In fact, you might want to take a quick look at this website that abounds with nightmares from condominium complexes on repair issues and insurance settlements:

You need to learn the important rules of the road on controlling these claims to properly handle them. Examples include the state condominium statutes which vary by state, differing regs on mediation procedures for condominium master policies such as that in Florida and a host of other issues. These tend to be high profile claims drawing media attention as well as the ire of an agent that worked very hard to obtain that customer should you mishandle the claim creating an unsatisfied customer.

We have spent months researching the Florida Condominium claim handling information. We now have a reference self study guide available providing links to all kinds of information you need to be aware of to process claims. It is not just the statute you need to know. You need to understand what is going on in the insurance condo market in FL, the new FL Condo mediation guidelines, media guidelines some carriers prefer you follow, and some general guidelines to understand how to deal with the Condominium Board and unitowners to prevent utter chaos for them as well as for you. There are also new regulations in FL you need to be aware of on claim settlement deadlines established in the state of Florida. It is important you comply with these guidelines as an adjuster to keep you and your adjusting firm out of hot water!

You can find these complete details containing these important reference links for your self study and field reference while handling claims  in our Self Study Guides at ClaimSmentor.

Watch also for the August 2007 issue of National Underwriters Claims Magazine for our article co-authored with Dennis Martin, CPCU on condominium claim handling information. You can view their magazine online here:

It generally updates with the new  issue at the end of the first week of a new month. We’ll provide the direct link as soon as it is up!


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