Hurricane Gustav Expected to be Major-Emergency TX and LA license links / Claim Statistics for TS Fay/Eduardo/Dolly

August 26, 2008


What a surprise to wake up today to find that Gustav reached hurricane strength so quickly and also to hear the current news with predictions it will make US landfall as anywhere from a Category 3 to a Category 5 strength hurricane.

My favorite weather reports over at Ralph’s Tropical weather show not only Hurricane Gustav now at 90 MPH but other areas with potential for development:

Here is also the latest 11am stormtrack report over at Ralph’s:

The 2pm NOAA hurricane tracking map looks dead on for LA again (unreal with the 3 year anniversary of Katrina this week):

Here are important links on Adjuster licensing for TX and LA. It’s important to remember that LA has added adjuster licensing post Katrina so the rules have changed since the last major storm in LA:

TX emergency adjuster license info:

TX Resident and Non Resident adjuster license link:

LA emergency adjuster licensing info as well as resident and non resident info is very difficult to find. The new law was effective January of 2007. Here is a link to the info we found last year on their website:

(Make sure to read all such as Claims Adjuster License Act,etc):

Worley adjusting firm actually has the LA Adjusters study guide link up on their site:

**Update Wednesday 8/27- See comments at end of this blog for addition of MS emergency adjuster and non resident/resident license info and applications

You might want to keep this LA Road closure and evacuation route info handy if traveling into the area next week:


Many of you are following or searching for claim statistics from TS Fay. Thus far, the majority of reports are showing statistics anywhere between 9,000 and 11,000 claims from the top 5 carriers depending on which report you read. Here are numerous links to update you by carrier:

Here are more stories of St John’s River flooding HO claims:,0,6799981.story

Another interesting story on flooding hitting non covered HO’s hard:

This report alleges 11,000 claims vs the 9,200 in other reports above from top 4 carriers:


In other interesting 2008 Hurricane Season updates, you’ll want to take a minute to read this update on the status of the Texas Windpool (TWIA )funds available post Hurricane Dolly and Eduardo:

Updates 9/2/08: Damage Stats and Temp Housing Links in Gustav damage zones:

Carrier Claim Numbers Coming in from Last Weekend’s Storms in MS

April 9, 2008

 We’ve had inquiries into the need for Independent adjusters hoping for claim assignments after last weekend’s storm in MS. By way of a brief update, here is an article indicating about 8,000 losses expected with the majority 10K or less. With no carrier in this article reporting numbers over about 2,000 mentioned in the article, it is very unlikely this will produce a large demand for independent adjusters as carriers are very well staffed this year to handle a catastrophe of that size with their own staff adjusters. If we see the numbers rolling over to any significant numbers, I’ll update this post.

 Updated 4/10/08:

Here are some updated numbers reporting 4,450 total claims thus far reported in MS between the carriers polled with 2,300 the largest by 1 carrier for these Mississippi storms:

I’m starting to hear from independent adjusters now being deployed to TX for the Texas hail storms and will update the blog later today with carrier numbers coming in on the other TX and midwest storms from  the last two days.

6.0 Earthquake rocks NV, UT, parts of CA 2/21/08- Adjuster Information

February 21, 2008

Fox news has a breaking news story that a 6.0  EQ just hit Elko, NV. It is listed in this Fox news story as 430 miles from Las Vegas and 230 miles from Salt Lake City, UT. It also says folks as far away as southern CA felt the quake.,2933,331649,00.htmlThis report in the Salt Lake City Tribune is saying the worst damage is in Wells, NV:

Here is more news on Reuters confirming Wells, NV worst damage:

Looking at the statistics, Elko has a population of, 16,708 and 3,880 owner occupied dwellings and 2,320 rental tenant occupied dwellings for a total of 6.948 according to this demographic report of the area. The demographics for Wells, NV shows a population of about 1,300:

Here are some demographics in Salt Lake City with over 1.2 million in the area with 181,000 in the immediate area.

Here are the links to :

NV Insurance Department on emergency Adjuster licenses:

Main licensing link:

If you look at the 1/5/08 Press release at the Nv Dept of Ins website, you’ll see they have to declare a disaster to allow emergency adjusters to handle claims. They do not have one for the EQ today up as of this writing:

Here is a link to some other state licensing info (scroll down to Insurance Adjuster) but it may be outdated since it says 2001 and some of the info on the Ins Dept website on the 1st link has pdf’s dated 06 and 07. If anyone finds the direct link to emergency adjuster licenses, please provide the direct link. This 2nd link shows that the fine is 1,000 per violation for handling claims unlicensed but I’m not finding the direct info to emergency licenses. Note, while they addressed resident and non resident adjuster licenses, there was no clear link to emergency adjuster license applications that I could find.

These items came from the doi.state link above

1) This PDF provides info on 3 types of adjuster licenses and the fees involved:


Governor Commissioner of Insurance





788 Fairview Drive, Suite 300

Carson City, Nevada 89701-5491

(775) 687-4270 Fax (775) 687-3937


Effective January 1, 2006 the fee for the Recovery Account will be reduced from $15 to $10.

This reduction will be reflected in the total fees as follows :


License Type Total Fees Affiliation Fee (if applicable)

Producer of Insurance $135.00 ($125 + $10)

$60.00 ($50 + $10)

(includes-limited credit, travel/baggage, fixed annuities and rental car agency)

Producer Agency $135.00 ($125 + $10)


Title Agent $135.00 ($125 + $10)

$60.00 ($50 + $10)

Escrow Officer $135.00 ($125 + $10)

$60.00 ($50 + $10)

Fraternal Agent $135.00 ($125 + $10)

$60.00 ($50 + $10)

Independent Adjuster $135.00 ($125 + $10)

$60.00 ($50 + $10)

Public Adjuster $135.00 ($125 + $10)

$60.00 ($50 + $10)

Associate Adjuster $135.00 ($125 + $10)

$60.00 ($50 + $10)

Insurance Consultant $135.00 ($125 + $10)

$60.00 ($50 + $10)

Motor Club Agent $88.00 ($78 + $10)

$60.00 ($50 + $10)

Surplus Lines Broker $135.00 ($125 + $10)

$60.00 ($50 + $10)


Here is also a PDF with Fingerprinting info:


Governor Commissioner of Insurance





788 Fairview Drive, Suite 300

Carson City, Nevada 89701-5491

(775) 687-4270 Fax (775) 687-3937




To: All Insurers, Insurance Producers, and Other Interested Parties

Date: September 7, 2007

RE: Fingerprint card processing fee increase

Effective October 1, 2007, the fee for fingerprint cards will increase from $45.00 to $51.25 because of the increased fees charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) for the processing of fingerprint cards from Nevada.

The Department of Business and Industry, Division of Insurance (Division) requires an individual to submit two complete sets of fingerprints which are ultimately forwarded to the FBI to conduct a background search.

Any cards processed by the FBI after September 28, 2007 must include the appropriate fee. Accordingly, any application or submission received by the Division after September 28, 2007 must include the new fee of $51.25. Applications or submissions that do not include the appropriate fee will be deemed incomplete and will not be processed until the correct fee is paid.

The Division cannot guarantee cards will be processed at the lower fee.

Persons with questions regarding this information may contact the licensing section of Division at (775) 687-4270 in Carson City or (702) 486-4009 in Las Vegas.

DOC 324 C Fingerprint Fee Increase 09.07.07 jm

Note this info is also found on a PDF on the NV Ins Dept website with contact numbers of some of the major carriers in NV for adjusting firms marketing efforts:




Updated 1/7/2008

AAA NEVADA (homeowners) – (800) 922-8228

and CSAA (auto)

ALLSTATE INSURANCE – (800) 547-8676

AMERICAN FAMILY – (800) 374-1111



COAST NATIONAL – (800) 274-7865 (1-800-Bristol)


FARMERS INSURANCE – (800) 435-7764 (1-800-HelpPoint)

GEICO – (800) 941-3000 or (866) 435-1968


IDS PROPERTY CASUALTY – (800) 872-5246

LIBERTY MUTUAL – (800) 225-2467

METLIFE AUTO & HOME – (800) 854-6011

NEVADA CAPITAL – (800) 986-9974 or (775) 321-1770 or (800) 381-2445

NEVADA GENERAL – (800) 840-4400

PERMANENT GENERAL ASSURANCE – (800) 280-1466 option 3

PROGRESSIVE – (800)-925-2886

SAFECO – (800) 332-3226

SHELTER INSURANCE – (800) 743-5837 (1-800-Shelter)

STATE FARM – (800) 732-5246 (1-800-SFClaims)

NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE PROGRAM – (888) 225-5356 (1-800-CallFlood)

Here is all the info I could find on the Adjuster licenses and application found on the Producer Licensing Link on their site:




Procedures effective January 1, 2006






Nevada Division of Insurance Nevada Division of Insurance

P.O. Box 98572 788 Fairview Drive # 300

Las Vegas, Nevada 89193-8572 Carson City, Nevada 89701-5491

Any corporation that will be doing insurance business in the state of Nevada must be licensed by the Division of Insurance and qualified with the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office. If you have not already done so, you will need to contact the Secretary of State at (775) 684-5708. Your name and purpose must be approved by this office prior to filing your Articles of Incorporation (NRS 78) or submitting the Foreign Corporation Qualification to Do Business in Nevada (NRS 80). Any corporation that fails to maintain their qualification forfeits their right to do business in this state and must immediately surrender any licenses issued to them by this Division.


You can now access our forms and laws on our Internet website located at Our laws are found under Title 57 of the Nevada Revised Statutes.



1. BUSINESS ENTITY LICENSE APPLICATION:All portions of the application must be completed to be acceptable. All claims and records pertaining to Nevada risk must be administered and maintained in Nevada. The fee for the firm is $135.00. If there are additional locations the fee for each additional location is $10.00.

2. AN INDIVIDUAL LICENSE APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED FOR EACH PERSON THAT WILL APPLY AS AN INDEPENDENT, PUBLIC OR ASSOCIATE ADJUSTER UNDER THE FIRM. List your agency affiliation on question 32. The fee is $195.00. Residents of Nevada must comply with Nevada’s fingerprint requirements.

3. Independent or Public Adjuster qualifications: The adjuster must be a resident of Nevada for at least 90 days prior to the submission of the license application. The adjuster must be 21 years of age and have 2 years recent (within the past five years) experience handling and adjusting claims. The adjuster must take and pass Part I and Part II of the “Producer” property and casualty PROMISSOR exams. You can access information on the exam by contacting PROMISSOR at 1-800-274-2609. The fee for an independent or public adjuster under a firm is $195.00.

4. Associate Adjuster qualifications: An associate adjuster must be 21 years of age. They are not required to take and pass the exam and they may be a resident or nonresident. They must be employed by a Nevada licensed independent or public adjuster. Residents must comply with Nevada’s fingerprint requirements. The fee is $195.00.

5. DOCUMENT 324 Resident’s requirements for Criminal History Search. The State of Nevada requires a criminal history report for applicants that are residents of Nevada. Complete 2 fingerprint cards with the detailed information required in DOCUMENT 324. You must attach the cards to your licensing application with a $51.25 cashiers check or money order made payable to the Department of Public Safety. The money order or cashiers check should be in a sealed envelope marked “DPS”. We will forward to the Nevada Department of Public Safety to obtain the criminal history report.

NRS 686A.225 Certain insurers to retain adjuster who resides in this state.

1. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 684A.060, any insurer who:

(a) Transacts property, casualty or surety insurance in this state; and

(b) Retains an adjuster to investigate and settle any claim arising under an insurance contract,

􀂬 shall retain an adjuster who resides in this state.

2. As used in this section, “adjuster” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 684A.020.


DOC 307 Independent or Public Adjuster (rev 09.09.07 jm)


Department of Business & Industry—DIVISION OF INSURANCE

Individual Resident and Non-Resident Insurance License Application

Mailing Address: P O BOX 98572, Las Vegas, NV 89193-8572 Office Delivery: 788 Fairview Dr #300, Carson City, NV 89701

(Please Print or Type)

Soc. Security Number

If applicable, NASD Individual Central Registration Depository (CRD) Number

Are you affiliated with a financial institution/bank?

Last Name JR./SR. etc

First Name

Middle Name

Date of Birth

Residence/Home Address (Physical Street)

P.O. Box

City 0


State 1


Home Phone Number

( ) -

Gender (Circle One)

Male Female


Are you a Citizen of the United States? (Check One)

Yes No (If No, of which country are you a citizen?)

Personal Business Name (dba) (Provide Nevada County Clerk Filing if you have a physical location in Nevada)


Business Address (Physical Street)

P.O. Box


Zip or Foreign Country

Business Phone Number

( ) -

Business Fax Number

Business E-Mail Address

Business Web Site Address

Applicant’s Mailing Address


Zip or Foreign Country

If Applicable, beginning date of residency in the State of Nevada: Nonresidents:

“Home State” where you hold a Resident License

Fein # ____________________________ Name of Agency

Fein # ____________________________ Name of Agency

Fein # ____________________________ Name of Agency

Employment History

Account for all time for the past five years. Give all employment experience starting with your previous employer working back five years. Include full and part-time work, self-employment, military service, unemployment and full-time education.


Position Held


City State


City State


City State


City State



New Procedures Effective 10/01/07

Submit to the Division of Insurance with your licensing application:

1. 2 completed cardsfingerprint cards completed as instructed below 2. In a separate and sealed envelope labeled DPS, a cashier’s check or money order for $51.25 made payable to Nevada Department of Public Safety Do not combine criminal history report fees with licensing fees.

The Division of Insurance will forward both fingerprint cards and the $51.25 cashier’s check or money order to the Nevada Department of Public Safety. The results will be returned directly to the Division of Insurance.

• Fingerprints may be done at the Promissor examination centers, local law enforcement office or from an authorized fingerprint vendor. All personal information boxes must be completed and

the following information must be written in the appropriate boxes on both cards.

: Any criminal history report requested directly from the Nevada Highway Patrol will be accepted if previous procedures were followed until 4/1/04. If an applicant has had no criminal history, as indicated and certified on their application for a license, the commissioner may issue a license before the actual report is received.

The commissioner may suspend, revoke or refuse to continue the license if the applicant’s criminal history report shows a conviction or other criminal activity that was not disclosed on their licensing application.

F:/S/M/DOC 324 Fingerprints (rev 09.09.07 jm)

UT Insurance Department on emergency Adjuster licenses:Very interesting to see they waive the licensing exam for those with portions of the AIC program completed. This link provides their licensing fees and fingerprinting fees:   Adjuster License:  The exam is waived if the following qualifying conditions have been met:

  • Adjuster license applicants who have earned the Associate in Claims (AIC) designation, or have successfully passed AIC Exams #33 and #34, or #33 and #35, or #33 and #36. The AIC examinations are administered by the Insurance Institute of America.
  • Adjuster license applicants who are members of the Utah State Bar.

I was able to find the emergency adjuster license info for Utah here:

and other licensing info here which does say it was updated in 2008:

Author unknown

“I’m not afraid of storms
for I’m learning how to sail my ship.”

Louisa May Alcott, Author (1832-1888)


Again, I apologize that the font size tool still can’t be found to consistently size font when combining information from several sources but I wanted to get this info out to you asap. I do recommend calling the UT and NV Dept of Insurance to be sure the information we could locate on the web is their latest guide regarding licensing BEFORE you go all the way out there without being properly licensed.

OK declares state of emergency allowing emergency adjuster licenses- link for application

December 13, 2007

Many of you may be activated to service claims in OK and other midwest states due to the winter storms.

I’ll update this blog in the next day or so with the damage statistics. In the meantime, here is the information on OK declaring an emergency thus allowing emergency adjusters along with the link to the application and emergency adjuster license information:

Here is the link for the catastrophe adjuster emergency license application:

Here is information on the $15.00 application fee and mailing instructions for the application:

Here is a link to the top 10 insurance companies writing in the state of OK:

Here is the news story making the announcement on the emergency declaration and use of emergency adjusters:

The Southwestern Insurance Institute predicts storm damage claims in OK to reach 35 Million according to this news article posted by the Insurance Journal:

We wish all of you deployed for these storms the safest of travels!

Blog 3 on CA Wildfires- Insurance Company Damage Statistics through 10/25/07

October 24, 2007

We’ve heard from many adjusters participating on ClaimSmentor today that they have either been activated for storm duty or they have been notified of possible standby status.

Miscellaneous information first on prior blogs you’ll want to read if you are going:

We posted our first initial blog on the CA fires with links to many important issues about handling claims in CA : Click here

We posted the news releases on emergency adjuster approval by the CA Insurance Commissioner earlier today: Click here

Here is the prior blog on temporary housing options for adjusters and insureds: Click here

Here is the prior blog on Billingual Translation services: Click here

Here is the blog on standby calls and catastrophe codes for new adjusters: Click here

Here is an excellent guest blog by Steve Ebner on crisis management when dealing with insureds on a storm as serious as the wildfires are:  Click here   (Steve by the way is now on his way to CA to work catastrophe losses)


Current Carrier Statistics on the storms in the news: Total still stands at 500 million expected

State Farm 1,350 (251 are totals), Zurich 800, Lloyds -unknown #:  Click here

**note the article says State Farm is #1 carrier, Zurich #2- State Farm independent adjusters are usually Eberl, Worley, EA Renfroe, and Pilot and I think IPS Staffing in Chicago handles alot of the Zurich inside commerical work

I-5 Shutdown both directions  Structures damaged in all fires 1,013 if you add up all figures in this article and about 22,000 others threatened (adding up all numbers in my head on threatened structures : Click here for full article

Note how the numbers in the two articles above differ between carrier reports of numbers and other articles.  Just with the two carriers above they are quoted at 2,150 between the two. First of all, many carrier models staff for 50 catastrophe losses per adjuster but they normally would use a different model for total losses versus claims with a lower severity code. Most carriers I have worked with will tell you that during a typical storm, you can count the losses reported day one and muliply that by 10 to determine how many claims to expect thus how many adjusters to deploy to a cat zone. However, on a storm such as this with most parties still in evacuation mode, it is highly doubtful that most insureds have reported their losses waiting to determine the extent of their damage similar to hurricane evacuees so my guess is the presently reported numbers bear no significance on the number of losses actually to be received to include smoke damage, partial fires,civil authority evacuation, ALE,etc

Interesting blog on Suspicious Activities near CA Wildfires- Is this terrorist related (that hadn’t even dawned on me!): Click here (read at own risk- I had no time to view what this site is about and what prior blogs are- just got the hit on a news alert today)

USAA- Adjusters in San Diego and more on the way: Click here   (Doesn’t Crawford service USAA claims? Who else?)

The Democratic Daily- lots of great links to local info on fires in Malibu: Click here

Farmers Insurance, 1100 claims: Click here

CNN Money Article- “The Next Battle for wildfire victims- Insurance”: Click here (Aw- lawsuit talk already?Hmmmm)

Bloomberg article-update 6- “Largest evacuation in CA history- 5 dead: Click here

Day 4- update on status of containment and damage on all 16 fires from The Daily Green: Click here

I’ll update this as more alerts come in this evening with stats. Note, I’m in the process of preparing a blog for tomorrow on the history of lawsuits and wildfires in CA to get a glimpse of what adjusters might expect in the way of lawsuits based on past history and information on 4 of the biggest plaintiffs attorneys who have been involved in prior wildfire lawsuits against carriers in CA.

Please be safe in your travels to and throughout California as you go to your assignments.


Update 10pm CST 10/24

Update Day 4- Blog 3 on CA wildfires:

Which CA Wildfires  are they calling Arson related?

Santiago Fires called arson: click here

I’ll update this section as more is found on the cause of each fire

**update 1am 10/25: LA Times article on Arson fires in Hesperia-San Bernendino-Rosa Blaze-Temecula-Orange County fire, and the worst was the suspect killed for setting a fire today. Click here for full details on the fires they believe to be arson related (for subrogation purposes?)


Update 11pm CST 10/24:

CNA opens operation center (must be a claim central operation) in Nashville,TN for Ca Wildfire claims: Click here

Farmers and Zurich update- 400 adjusters now in CA and here are the locations of their catastrophe centers: Click here  2,000 Farmers/ 500 Foremost thus far reported

Hartford- Adjusters on scene and info on their claim central division, contact numbers for Hartford- Interesting Hartford Claims Debit card information: Click here

Zurich- no finanicial impact expected: Click here

Liberty Mutual and Fireman’s Fund discuss their losses : Click here

Updates 10/25/07 8 am:

State Farm General, Farmers and AIG quotes (all less than 2,500 thus far?): Click here

California Insurance Commissioner Clears the way for non CDI Emergency Adjusters to handle wildfire losses

October 24, 2007

Please see the following press alert notice received. I will update the blog by late this evening with information located on current insurance company damage assessments by 10pm CST.

From: California Department of Insurance <> Add to Addresses Block Sender
Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 5:08 PM
To: dimechimes
Subject: Commissioner Poizner Issues Declaration of Insurance Emergency for Southern California Fire Storms
Size: 10 KB

You are subscribed to Press Releases for the California Department of Insurance. You are receiving this email because new information has recently been released.

You can access the department’s Communications Office Web page by clicking here.



Insurance Adjusters Expedited to So. California to Quicken Recovery by Local Residents and Businesses

SACRAMENTO – Today Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, in anticipation of an onslaught of severe insurance claims, issued an emergency declaration to help accelerate claims from the aftermath of the Southern California fire storms.

“I am issuing a declaration which will expedite additional insurance adjusters to California to assist survivors of the fire storms with the prompt processing of insurance claims resulting from this catastrophic event,” said Commissioner Poizner. “During this state of emergency, I want to ensure Californians that I will do all that I can to help them through this crisis and rebuild as quickly as possible. For many, the first step on the road to recovery is to cut through the red tape, have their loss documented and processed for a claim. We want to remove any unnecessary delays to the system and make sure we have enough adjusters on the job.”

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) proclamation will allow CDI-licensed insurance adjusters and insurers to use the services of non-CDI licensed adjusters, such as those from out-of-state, to assist with the processing of the multitude of anticipated insurance claims arising from the fire storms. The work performed by the non-CDI licensed adjusters must be under the active direction, control, charge, or management of a CDI-licensed insurer or adjuster.

Commissioner Poizner issued the declaration in according with the requirements of Section 14022.5 of the California Insurance Code, which provides that such use is reasonably necessary in order to adequately respond to the emergency situation.

The last time Commissioner Poizner issued this type of declaration was January 22, 2007, in the face of the extreme, California crop freezes.  Prior to that, however, the last insurance emergency declaration was issued in November 2003 in response to wildfires in Southern California.

Text of declaration can be found at under LATEST NEWS.

Please visit the Department of Insurance Web site at Non media inquiries should be directed to the Consumer Hotline at 800.927.HELP. Callers from out of state, please dial 213.897.8921. Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TDD), please dial 800.482.4833.

This service is provided free of charge by: California Department of Insurance.


Special Thanks to Helen Palmer of the for sharing the following two other press releases on this:

Associated Press Release:

Calif insurance commissioner declares insurance emergency

The Associated Press


California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner declared an “insurance emergency” on Wednesday because of the Southern California wildfires.

The declaration temporarily removes the ban on out-of-state claims adjusters lacking California licenses. Poizner said that lifting the ban will help insurance companies better deal with the expected crunch of fire claims. He estimated that more than $1 billion in property damage has already occurred.

Poizner last lifted the ban in January during a devastating crop freeze in the Central Valley.

During a press conference in San Francisco, Poizner also said that he is sending dozens of fraud investigators into the burned region to crack down on scam artists posing as claims adjusters and contractors. Poziner said he has already received reports of fraud, but no arrests have been made.

Poizner said fire victims can call 1-800-927-HELP or log onto for Department of Insurance guidance.

Published: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 12:04 PDT


LA Times News Article:

State opens door to insurance adjusters



Declaration of ‘insurance emergency’ allows companies to bring in personnel from other parts of the country, even if they aren’t licensed in California .

By Marc Lifsher, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
11:30 AM PDT, October 24, 2007


California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner today declared an “insurance emergency,” clearing the way for a more speedy processing of damage claims from the Southern California wildfires.

Poizner invoked special powers to suspend a law that requires insurance adjusters — the people who inspect and calculate the value of property losses — to be licensed by the state.

The declaration of an emergency allows insurance companies to bring in large numbers of out-of-state adjusters to help process thousands of claims. The unlicensed adjusters must work under the supervision of California-licensed colleagues.

“I want to ensure Californians that I will do all that I can to help them through this crisis and rebuild as quickly as possible,” Poizner said at a news conference. “For many, the first step on the road to recovery is to cut through the red tape, have their loss documented and processed for a claim.”

Poizner’s action will help insurers dispatch professional personnel to charred areas of Southern California, said Joseph Annotti, a spokesman for the Property and Casualty Insurers of America, a Chicago-based trade group that includes Allstate Corp., California’s third-largest home insurer.

He estimated that the fires, which are far from contained, would result in companies paying claims in excess of $2 billion, surpassing the state’s most costly fire to date, the blaze in the Berkeley and Oakland Hills in 1991.

“In the wake of [Hurricane] Katrina, we learned that even when insurers called out every adjuster they ever had on their payrolls, [and] people out of retirement, there still weren’t enough folks,” Annotti said. “If this helps get homes inspected more quickly and gets money to the people who need it more quickly, that’s a very positive thing.”

CA wildfires – The claims news on damage comes in- CA licensing/ Carrier Info/ Adjusting Firm Info

October 23, 2007


I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching available preliminary information on the devastating fires in southern California looking at it from our prospective in claims. The latest articles from late tonight indicate approximately 600 homes burned. Reports indicate upwards of 265, 000 evacuees from Malibu to Mexico as one article puts it. Other reports list less damage and the photos coming in the from stadium bring back horrible memories of Katrina. God be with the families and the brave firemen battling these blazes.

Below you will find links to many things you will need to know working catastrophe duty in California as well as links to licensing information not only for adjusters but adjusting firms, a list of carriers with the data supplied on direct written premium for adjusting firms wishing to market your services to the carriers involved, and a list of many adjusting firms listed on the California Assn of Independent Insurance Adjusters. We hope you find the details both interesting and informative for those of you researching potential assignments in California.

Information for Insurance Adjusters and Insurance Adjusting firms about working out in California on storm duty:

CA licensing link for resident and non resident adjuster licenses – click here (See Adjuster organizations and Branch office’s too on same link with forms)

CA Assn of Independent Insurance Adjusters-Membership list of adjusting firms- click here

CA Insurance Companies- Alphabetic listing with amount of direct written premium listed for adjusting firm marketing efforts if you are trying to get assignments for your teams out there (don’t forget Dimechimes Corporation can assist with filling your staffing rosters if you need more folks for contact info): Click here and here

Prior blogs on overtime issues with employees in CA :Click here

Prior blog on CA classification of employee vs independent-new law-15-25K fines: Click here

**You can also click on the archives in right column for Temporary Housing and for Billingual Translation Services info

The Current reports of damage from the California Wildfires:

Slide show-over 250 slides of the damage: click here  Notice all of the damaged autos as well as homes and businesses

News stories accounting for the damage statistics thus far:

Malibu – 5 homes, 2 commercial buildings:  Click here

Evacuees over 250,000:  Click here

Comments on evacuation from Malibu to Mexico: Click here

Article says San Diego County-500 homes/ 100 Commercial buildings: Click here

Damage Statistics seperated by each wildfire: Click here

Miscellaneous articles and emergency declarations for CA:

LA Times Road Closure listings: Click here

Southern California photos sent in by the public: Click here

Fire Agency updated reports for all 11 fires: Click here

CA Governor’s speech 10/22/07 on the fires: Click here

CA Governor asks for 1,500 National Guard and Navy and Air Force support: Click here

Website for firemen with current stories from their perspective: click here (check their forums as well as news stories)

Adjusters and Insurance Companies in  the news in CA for the wildfires:

Auto Owners-property and auto claims/ Adjuster in evacuation centers-will call insureds within 30 minutes of loss notice-imagine those standards! Click here

I’ll be adding to this all day tomorrow. I also saw a story about Farmers sending 260 adjusters and I’ll provide that link and others on the damage statistics tomorrow as the news is updated.

Music always expresses deep emotions which I am feeling after viewing the slides and reading these stories. I was brought up the daughter of a Navy Commander attending military churches in our childhood. One of my favorite hymns from those days comes to mind all day today as I watched the fire flights distributing water over the devastated communities which was  the naval hymn “Eternal Father Strong to Save”. “Lord guard and guide the men who fly through the great spaces in the skies, be with them always in the air, in darkening storms and sunlight fair” (here’s a link to the entire Naval hymn) so I’ll close this saying God Bless you to the firemen  who are doing the very best they can to protect families and homes under such dire circumstances.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the adjusters who will be dealing in the field with the aftermath of this storm. Let’s all hope that the great state of California treats you much better than the treatment insurers thus adjusters have received during Katrina storm assignments in LA and MS by the politicians and attorneys there. Storms such as this try the best of adjusters due to the emotional and stressful conditions they are dealing with. Let’s support those going. God Bless the USA.

Lord, guard and guide the men who fly
Through the great spaces in the sky,
Be with them always in the air,
In dark’ning storms or sunlight fair.                                                                          
O, Hear us when we lift our prayer,
For those in peril in the air.

Here’s a link to the music that accompanies these lyrics if you’d like to hear it: Click here


Photos courtesy readers at LA Times:

**Update 10/23/07: Article quoting 16 firemen injured/25 others, up to 300K evacuees, and 655 structures: Click here

**Update 10/23/07 3:40 Pm CST- 2 now dead, 1600 structures destroyed (this is not a valid insurance claim number as there would be partial losses, civil authority evacuation coverage for the almost 500,000 evacuations Fox news is now reporting, fire damage is covered to trees, shrubs, food spoilage and other power interruption coverage, business interruption losses for commercial businesses and other coverages too numerous to list. Many of these Additional Living Expense (ALE) claims can be handled by the carrier claim central in office departments.

 Click here for info on 10K at stadium, 2 deaths, 1600 structure fires and more damage assessment. Excellent photos included.

AIG Insurance Company sprays Phos-Check Fire Retardant on homes to save them: Click  here   for Fox Business news story on this and other insurance measures in CA on wildfire insurance coverage

Army Times news article about where the Army troops will be used at the stadium, fairgrounds,etc to help: Click here

ABC News Excellent article-today’s Governor’s speech, 1239 Federal Firefighters, and tonight’s ABC 20/20 broadcast at 10pm EST as well as comments from FEMA and more damage assessments: Click here

Video and Audio footage of fires at ABC New’s I-Caught: Click here  (The sound of the wind is horrific)

***Updates 5pm CST:

Insurance Network ( IINC)  of CA- list of wildfires with insurance dollar data through 2007:  Click here

Telephone Numbers for Insurance Companies in CA to report a claim (or adjusting firm marketing!): Click here

Insurance Information Institute ( information on US Wildfire Catastrophe 1970-2006: Click here

Insurance Journal information on Carriers Assessing the Damage: Click here

Red Cross Shelters for CA Wildfires and Details on structures damaged and structures threatened per wildfire: Click here

**Update 8:20pm CST 10/23/07  One million now evacuated: Click here

    Carriers report in as of 2pm today to Insurance Information Network of California with 1,760 claims thus far reported and projected insured losses now $500 million: Click here

Humberto makes landfall as Category 1 Hurricane- Damage links and stats and adjuster licenses

September 13, 2007

Fox news is reporting 1 fatality and over 100,000 without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Humberto’s landfall about 2-3 am near High Island, TX. It’s been a real surprise that Humberto progressed from a TD to Hurricane 1 status in the early hours this morning. Fox is showing video footage this morning of the damage in High Island.

 There are reports of a possible tornado near High Island. Reviewing reports on the population of the area, it appears to be about 500 and here’ s some stats on where this is located:

Galveston County, Texas Gulf Coast
Hwy 87 and Hwy 124 on the
Bolivar Peninsula
21 miles S of
47 miles S of
19 miles NE of Crystal Beach
26 miles NE of Port Bolivar
Population: 500
Here are two updated news reports out in the past few minutes about the one death and the power outages here and here.

Here’s a hurricane blog from Lake Charles, LA for further updates from the Louisiana area. Here is also a link to the state of LA Executive Emergency order. Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance does have some binding restriction notices posted yesterday here. Before you accept an assignment working their claims,  you might want to read these articles here , here,  and here on the financial records problems and other issues faced by this organization. It sure doesn’t seem that the $220K salary for the head of this group mentioned in this article is worth the hornet’s nest he walked into!

 Some of you may also find this blog humorous about one writer’s storm damage from Humberto which gave me a chuckle this morning.

Reports about Hurricane Humberto landfall from several sources this morning:

Reuters News

Beaumont News

Port Arthur News

Houston AP news

Checking the TX emergency management site, there have not been updates since about 8pm last night. This always drives me nuts as we have the same thing happen in FL for the most part where we can gather more  current news from the local press than the emergency management websites . The link is posted here anyway to check back for new updates. There is also nothing yet up on the Texas Windstorm Association news but here is the link to check back for updates on claims.

Here is the link for Texas emergency adjuster license information.

Here is the link for the Louisiana new 2007 adjuster license information and the emergency adjuster report form here.

Prior blogs here provide links for those of you deploying who may need temporary housing while this link provides information on billingual transcription services. We also hope those of you that are new take a few minutes to review this timely article by Mariposa LTD with great advice on Time Management when starting a storm and this blog by guest blogger Steve Ebner on Crisis Management while dealing with policyholders. It’s also important for new adjusters to remember how important agents are in the claims process so you might want to review our blog on agency and claim relationships here. Disaster communication and a discussion on throw away phone advice is here.

The latest 11am reports showing winds now at 63 mph can be viewed here and the projected path  and information on other tropical information here at Ralph’s and at Caribbean36o here.

Tropical Depressions 8 and 9- Humberto and Ingrid? / Standby Discussion -Commitment Discussion Continued

September 12, 2007

Today Tropical Depressions 8 and 9 have been announced. The next two named storms will be Humberto and Ingrid according to reports from the hurricane weather service. All reports are indicating they will be Tropical Storms in the next few hours.

Here are updated reports on the depression off the Texas coast from the Galveston weather news service and the Houston Chronicle. The Houston article indicates this tropical storm could bring up to 10 inches of additional rain on top of the 2 inches already experienced this morning. The Miami Herald provides a good update on the two storms here. Fox weather news today on tv reports indicates that while there is a “code of uncertainty” as to where the depression in the Mid Atlantic will go that there is a possibility of strengthening even to a major storm status within the next five days. Reports are also indicating on the Galveston link above that tropical storm warnings are placed from Port O’Connor,TX to Cameron, LA.

Here are a few of the other links I like to regularly check that provide other information. Ralph’s site has the best graphics showing in addition to these two depressions that 2 others are being watched. Here is the Caribbean 360 link that shows a good projected path on the Mid Atlantic storm. The National Hurricane center reports on both storms is here.

I’ll post this now while working in the background on the standby information so check back this afternoon for the continuing discussion on standby, ethics and commitments many new adjusters are interested in as they face decisions in the coming weeks about which firms to go with and they have many questions about what to tell firms calling them for standby.

Hurricane Felix-Category 5- Info about working claims in the Honduras

September 3, 2007

We had discussed the need for claims adjusters to be flexible in accepting assignments in our “Who Moved my Claims Cheese Blog” and our blog on  “Are  Independent adjusters Fungible Billing Units” due to the ever changing work environment in the insurance claims industry. If adjusters aren’t being flexible in considering new assignments, they are going without work in 06 and 07.

Adjusters are presently considering such options as working in Mexico for Hurricane Dean and now with Hurricane Felix as a Category 5, there will be others considering working in the Honduras and other Central American locations with damages. We previously supplied information on working in Mexico in this blog and had our blog on Billingual translation services here. Below is information needed to consider working in Honduras is provided. It is very interesting exploring some of these rare opportunities to work overseas as adjusters consider doing so due to the lack of claim assignments in the US.  

Here is the latest 8 am report on the projected path of Hurricane Felix- now a Category 5 heading towards the Honduras. I’ve also included many facts and figures an adjuster would need to know before agreeing to accept assignments from an adjusting firm to work claims.,4670,TropicalWeather,00.html

Honduras has a population of approximately 6.8 million people. Reports linked to below indicates that about 2/3rds of the population there lives in poverty. Please be sure to read the safety warnings for women and others working there as well as the health and safety warnings on water and other food issues linked to below. The last major hurricane in Honduras in 1998, Hurricane Mitch, caused 11,000 deaths and damaged major roads, bridges, and infrastructure as show in this report:

Here is another report on the damages caused by Hurricane Mitch in 98 with different damage figures showing less deaths, more injuries, and states almost 1/4th of the population suffered damage (1.5 million damaged of 6 million or so in population):

Here is also a Honduras blog that shows some flooding there after Dean which will be interesting to watch after Felix goes through to see reports of damage:

9/3/07: Hurricane Felix approaching Honduras:

Info on working in Honduras:

Honduras Facts-Population,Language,etc-Population 6.8 million people

US State Dept-Honduras Info:

US Embassy in Honduras:

Security warnings for travel in Honduras from US Embassy:

US Services through Honduras US Embassy:

US Passport info from Honduras:

Travel Document System-US-Honduras relationships and info:

Minimum wage and Welfare of Workers in Honduras:

Info on filing US taxes on info there:

Honduras this Week News link:

Emergency Financial Services to an American overseas:

Two Insurance Law firms in Honduras:

Warning to US Buyers about buying real estate in Honduras:

MIT Flood Safe Project in Honduras:

Maps of Honduras:

The People of Honduras:

Best Airfares to Honduras:

Honduras currency and discussion on use of ATM’s there:

Renting a car/ Car insurance in Honduras:

Food/Water/Airlines within Honduras/ Hotels in Honduras:

More Hotel info on islands there:

Honduras Bay Island Hotel info:

Safety advice for women traveling in Honduras/medical treatment/gang violence

2007 Crime and Safety report in the Honduras:

Visas and Shots recommended for going to Honduras:

High Speed Internet Services in Honduras:

Internet and phone service in Honduras:

Info on Cellphone coverage in Honduras:

More info on the GSM 850 MHz phones:

Here’s an updated report from 9/4/07 5am. Reports on many weather stations say it may regain Cat 5 status just prior to landfall:

Hurricane Felix – updated 9pm 9/2/07-Category 5

September 1, 2007

We received our first notice of TS Felix about 5pm 8/31/07.

Here are some of the less visited weather sites providing updates with more information:

This entry from the website does indicate it will be a hurricane passing near the Grenadine Islands:

This storm watch from Claims Pages has a good view of the projected path and info in their 8am reports:

The visuals on this site are the best but the author is on vacation until the 3rd but I’m posting it here to check back for regular updates next week. There are links to many other hurricane sites also on this link to check in the meantime:

This Fox news update indicates TS warnings are being issued in Netherland Antilles and Aruba:,2933,295475,00.html

If your looking for vendors working down there and missed our  blog with that information, here is a link to it. Here is also a link to our blog on billingual services adjusters going down may need.

**Update 9/2/07 8am now Hurricane Felix has winds up to 100mph (Category 2) here’s the latest computer models

Here’s the 8 am advisory:

8pm CST -Felix is now a Category 5- appears heading for Mexico

Hurricane Dean – Info on Adjusting firms working in Mexico, Misc adjuster needs in Mexico

August 20, 2007

We’ve done a bit of research for those of you asking for information on working losses in Mexico due to Hurricane Dean making landfall in Mexico. While we are not yet staffing for a firm planning to work there, we have done some initial research for adjusters on firms that do work there.

We also include links on visas, work permits, auto insurance needs, internet services you will need and cell phone coverage information. We’ll do additional checking tomorrow should the need arise for additional information and will post it in reply to this topic. Should you have additional information for adjusters wishing to work in Mexico on Hurricane Dean claims, please provide reply comments below we’ll post to aid in their search for work on Hurricane Dean losses. For example, I was not able to locate information on estimatic software used while adjusting claims, book value guides for Mexico which might be helpful to auto adjusters, and a few major other items such as Errors and Omissions coverage for adjusters going over, workers comp coverage issues while working there, and Mexico insurance adjuster license requirements. We’d appreciate any details our readers can provide. Here are the links you may wish to view if your considering assignments:

First- see this article which says US Insurance adjusters can’t go to Mexico to adjust claims so tells RV owners to drive their RV to nearest point in US for inspection:

Crawford and Company- Mexico location contact info

Cunningham Lindsey Mexico Contact Info

GAB Robins-handles claims in US and Mexico:

Coast Claims

Jeremy Bellemy Adjusting Co

Risk Mexico

Spencer Claim Service

Claim Service Guide with contact information- may be able to locate adjusting firms here: (Also see Legal guide on this site.

Mexico Insurance Professionals out of AZ may be able to provide some adjusting firm names:

Temporary Vehicle permits needed to go beyond 15 miles of border- Link to order permit online:

What personal things are you allowed to bring in

Pemex Gasoline only allowed in Mexico

Passport / Permit info for Mexico

Passport needed if flying/ permit if driving:

Frontier Airlines- to 7 Mexico Cities from 13 US Locations

Excellent advice on Auto Insurance needs if going to Mexico:

Driving in Mexico and your US Insurance may not cover you- FAQ:

Tips for Driving in Mexico:

FAQ- Can you take a rental car from US to Mexico:

Work Permits to work in Mexico

Mexican Visas

Summary of differences in Auto and Property policies in Mexico vs US coverage

Sample of a Mexico policy for auto coverage

US Consulant General Mexico- More info on VISAS/Work permits

TN Visas for Mexican and Canadian Disaster Insurance Adjusters

Mexico Business Visitors rules

HIgh Speed Internet Providers in Mexico

Cell phone coverage in Mexico

US Consulate- Travel Accommodation Guidelines for Mexico June 2007


Here is the latest Bloomberg report put out just after midnight with lots of facts and info on the territories and population in Mexico where the eye wall is approaching now:

Thank you to Claims Magazine Managing Editor, Eric Gilkey for requesting to link to this blog entry in their breaking news feature here:

9/1/07- Update- here is another contact for adjusters on another firm operating in Mexico:

Mexico City

Felipe Ramírez
Orizaba 32
Col. Roma Norte
Del. Cuauhtemoc
Mexico City
C.P 06700
+52 55 3000 1880
+52 55 3000 1889

New storm expected for East Coast of FL and ClaimSmentor Class Schedule Updates

August 20, 2007

We’ve all been tracking Dean’s expected landfall which is no longer projected for landfall in the US.

Here is an updated alert for a new storm showing a projected path for the US Fl East coast.

Here is another report calling this newest storm Invest 92L (scroll below the Hurricane Dean update) for the 9pm update:

**Update 8/22/07 3:12 pm- Fox news is reporting possible announcement of TS Felix by late this week. Here is an outstanding new link shared with us by DWilliamson which has great graphics which shows 2 tropical disturbances today:

We’ll update our blog entry tomorrow. We’ve been tied up in staffing projects. Please note the Marine Manager candidate submissions have been completed. There is a potential for additional Marine adjusters down the road once the final candidate selection is made for the Marine Manager from the final candidate pool.  We are still accepting resumes for aviation adjusters at this time as well as Citizens FL experienced adjusters, catastrophe adjusters for our rosters, and daily claims adjusters nationwide for future opportunities. View our previous blog on FAQ  here for resume submission information.


Update on ClaimSmentor online class schedule:

Next 40 hour Fundamentals of Claims class begins 8/27/2007. Class will be held Monday and Thursday evenings from 6-9pm CST in our online Live classroom. This course includes all Self Study training guides shown on the training tab at our staffing firm site.This class consists of 24 hours live online classes and 16 hours of pre-class reading assignments and homework for practical experience. This is not an estimatics course with the exception that 1 of the 8 lessons does cover estimatic reconciliation issues to resolve disputes on estimates. The remainder of the class covers many other topics you need to know before working claims to include ALE training, complaint handling, file requirements, mock zoning and disaster practice session, and much more .

8/22/07-  6-9pm CST- Contents Claim handling class. Includes Contents Claim handling self study guide for field reference.

8/28 and 8/29/07- Additional Living Expense claim training. Two night session which includes the Additional Living Expense self study guide for field reference.

8/31/07- 8 am –11 am CST- Fl Condo Claim handling class. Includes self study guide for field reference.

If you are in need of these classes and not yet a ClaimSmentor member, you will find registration information needed to register here. We also offer these classes in the field for adjusting firms or groups of students. Contact us at  ClaimSmentor should your firm need field assistance presenting these field classes for pricing. ClaimSmentor members will find the course information in our Training Sessions-Roots and Wings Forum with a complete description of each training course.


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